How to Use Beard Trimmers

The English Shaving Company are experts in all things beard and shaving, including electric beard trimmers. To help you out, we’ve put together this definitive guide on how to use beard trimmers. Whether you’re just starting out or are on old hand looking for some bonus tips (see the bottom of the page!), this guide can help you get the best out of your beard trimmers.  

Step-By-Step Beard Trimming

If you’re new to beard trimming, follow our step by step guide on how to use beard trimmers. With a bit of practise you’ll be a pro in no time. Why not check out our blog on dry vs wet shaving while you're here or read our tips on how to grow a new beard this year.  

1. Choose your Beard Trimmers

The first step in beard trimming is getting the right tools. Unlike wet shaving, you don’t need multiple products like shaving soap and a shaving brush in order to get the job done. However, you do need some high quality beard trimmers. The best beard trimmers will have an adjustable guard which helps you to set your desired length. It’s possible to free-hand your trim, and is the best way to go if you’ve got a long beard, but is a bit more risky with shorter beards: if you slip it could be very noticeable! Braun beard trimmerAndis Slimline Pro beard trimmer  

2. Use a Mirror

We recommend using your beard trimmers in front of a mirror as this ensures you keep full control over what you’re doing, helping you to get the best results.  

3. Set the Trimmer Guard

Before you start trimming, set the trimmer guard to the desired length. Beard trimmers are designed to make it as easy as possible to get the perfect trim. Follow the instructions that come with your trimmers to adjust the guard. If you’re not sure what length you want, it’s best to start a bit longer. That way you can always trim more later if you’re not happy.  

4. Brush your Beard

Brushing your beard helps to make sure there are no longer length hairs hiding in the underlayers. Brush against the direction of the hair as this makes the hairs stand up and ensures that you get an even trim throughout your beard.  

5. Use the Trimmers in an Upwards Direction

With smooth and slow strokes, use the trimmers in an upward direction, against the natural direction of the hair. As with the brushing, this makes sure all the hairs are trimmed equally and you get an even cut.  

6. Neaten your Neckline

Getting the perfect bearded look often comes down to ensuring your neck, chin and the edges are well trimmed. This usually requires close shaving. Some beard trimmers are designed with multiple settings to double as effective dry shaving tools. Alternatively, you can use a cartridge or safety razor. You could change the length of your beard trimmers and taper the edges to get the look you want.  

7. Clean your Beard Trimmers

Once you’ve trimmed your beard, it’s really important to clean your trimmers completely. Leaving them with hairs in can damage the blades and the mechanism, shortening their lifespan. It’s also important to oil the blades to keep them sharp and effective for next time.  

Bonus Tips for Using Beard Trimmers!

If you’re looking for some bonus tips on how to use beard trimmers, then we’ve got the extra info to ensure you get the best from your trim.  

Creating the Stubble Look

Getting that perfect level of stubble can be difficult, but electric beard trimmers make it possible. Set the length of the trimmers to around 1.5mm or 2.5mm (depending on the length of stubble you like) and shave against the direction of growth. It’s still important to tidy your neck line so your stubble looks neat and stylish.  

Trimmers vs Scissors?

If you’re new to trimming your beard, you might be trying to decide between using electric trimmers or scissors to keep your facial hair at the perfect length. Most men find electric beard trimmers easier to use and that they produce the desired length more easily. They’re also much faster!  

Finish with Beard Oil

It’s recommended to use beard oil on your facial hair. This keeps the hair soft and healthy, but also ensures that the skin beneath is moisturised -- preventing flaky skin and an itchy beard! An extra tip for using beard trimmers is to finish off by working beard oil through your hair.   Do you have any more questions on how to use beard trimmers? Let us know in the comments!  
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