Hans Kniebes Real Horn Beard & Moustache Trimming Kit

Hans Kniebes Real Horn Beard & Moustache Trimming Kit
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  • Hans Kniebes Real Horn Beard & Moustache Trimming Kit

  • Made in Germany

  • Vibrant grooming set

  • Ideal for use on the go

  • Pair of beard and moustache scissors

  • Genuine horn nail file

  • Genuine horn comb

  • Genuine leather stitched detail case

  • 120mm x 60mm


Founded in 1926, Hans Kniebes quickly established itself as a respected supplier of upscale cutlery and blades and developed a fine reputation for Solingen instruments from the German ‘City of Blades’. The Hans Kniebes Real Horn Beard & Moustache Trimming Kit is a top-quality grooming set, ideal for use on the go.

For those looking to grow and maintain a stylish beard or moustache, this kit is an essential item. It contains a pair Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Beard and Moustache Scissors, a genuine horn nail file, and a genuine horn comb.

The scissors will help to trim the facial hair into shape to allow for a neater appearance and more controlled growth. The perfectly honed blades have a single-sided micro-serration, which stabilises the hair to allow for more precise cutting. This assists with shaping the beard and ensures the scissors do not accidentally slip and cut off more hair or cut hair in a different shape than desired. The sharpness of the blade allows it to snip through even the toughest and coarsest of facial hair.

The moustache and beard comb is made from genuine horn and polished to a smooth finish. Horn is a much more durable option than plastic and is a natural, biodegradable material. No two pieces will ever be the same, making this a product that is unique to the owner.

The diamond steel nail file has a coarse and smooth filing quality and a genuine horn handle.

The genuine leather case features stitched detail and conveniently fastens with a press stud fastener. The contents are separated with their own individual compartments inside the case to protect them from knocking against each other and causing accidental damage during transit.

The manicure set has a length of approximately 120mm and a width of approximately 60mm, making it the ideal travel companion.