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Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Beard & Moustache Scissors

Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Beard & Moustache Scissors
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  • Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Beard & Moustache Scissors

  • Precise cutting

  • Maintain a stylish beard/moustache

  • Neater appearance

  • Perfectly honed blades

  • Single-sided micro-serration

  • Stabilises hair

  • Particularly shape blades

  • Chrome plated


Founded in 1926, Hans Kniebes quickly established itself as a respected supplier of upscale cutlery and blades and developed a fine reputation for Solingen instruments. The Hans Kniebes Sonnenschein Beard & Moustache Scissors are a high-quality grooming tool, offering incredibly precise cutting.

Preservation of their high-quality standards is the number one goal for Hans Kniebes. They aim to combine this quality with innovative and attractive design and offer excellent value for money for the cutting-edge instruments they produce.

For those looking to grow and maintain a stylish beard or moustache, beard and moustache scissors are an essential item. They will help to trim the facial hair into shape to allow for a neater appearance and more controlled growth.

These perfectly honed blades have a single-sided micro-serration, which stabilises the hair to allow for more precise cutting. This assists with shaping the beard and ensures the scissors do not accidentally slip and cut off more hair or cut hair in a different shape than desired. The sharpness of the blade allows it to snip through even the toughest and coarsest of facial hair.

These scissors have a particularly long design for beard and moustache scissors, measuring approximately 120mm in length. This makes them well suited for those who have particularly long and unruly facial hair, offering increased control and a greater surface area reach.

The scissors are chrome plated, giving them a shiny and fresh appearance. This also prevents rusting, increasing the longevity of the product.

They are packaged in a sealed plastic sleeve to ensure they are not damaged during transit and do not run the risk of causing accidental injury upon delivery.

For an enhanced Hans Kniebes beard and moustache grooming experience, try the Hans Kniebes Real Horn Beard & Moustache Trimming Kit, a luxurious kit including scissors, a comb, a nail file, and a branded leather case.

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