Lascaray S.A is one of the oldest companies in Spain, founded in 1823. In their original home province of Álava, they are indeed the oldest established company in the industry and have inspired many businesses over the past 200 years to follow in their footsteps. In 1855, Casimiro Lascaray opened a new factory with the name “La Estrella Alavesa” (Lea), which originally specialised in manufacturing olein soap alongside other products. Over the years they chose to focus in on the development of soap and detergent products. Today, they make world renowned shaving products suitable for all skin types. 

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In 1905 the business was threatened with a destructive fire that reduced the factory to ashes. Despite this, they bounced back and rebuilt the business, providing their dedication and commitment to the creation of high-quality products.


Lea are now based in Arriaga de Vitori, with a home located suitably within the industrial zone. They continue to dominate the cosmetic industry, alongside creating personal hygiene and cosmetic products.


Due to their rich history, Lea have an excellent knowledge and understanding of traditional wet shaving products and are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide state-of-the-art shaving products for optimal shaving performance.



Their modern facilities cover an area of 2,000 m2, allowing them to employ a vast workforce with a variety of skills to work efficiently and innovatively in order to guarantee quality.


They uphold the same values and standards as they did from the very beginning, all those years ago. They are proud to remain faithful to the exceptional work ethic that led them to where they are today and thanks to their consistency, they have enjoyed four generations of highly satisfied customers.


In more recent years Lea recognised that their shaving and hygiene range should appeal to a much wider audience than men alone. As a result, they expanded their product range to suit men and women alike, alongside the release of a children’s hygiene range and mini amenity products for travel purposes.


Their ‘Classic’ range of products draw inspiration from high-end artisan products within the traditional wet shaving industry. The packaging and branding is highly reflective of the fact that this is a premium range of Lea products and as such, has an elegant, vintage feel to the design. Lea describe this range as “the perfect armony between tradition and innovation”.

The range features a unique blend of ingredients, including sandalwood, moss, bisabolol, glycerin, allantoin, lanolin and menthol. The use of natural and high-quality ingredients makes this range particularly ideal for those with sensitive skin, with the products offering a comforting and forgiving shave that will leave skin protected and refreshed.


As the ingredients would suggest, the Lea classic range of products have a pleasant aroma of sandalwood and moss and has been described as ‘original and masculine’.



The high-quality and attractive nature of these products makes them the perfect addition to the shelf of any wet shaving enthusiast. They are a must try for those with sensitive skin, and an all-round joy to use.