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The Goodfellas' Smile

The Goodfellas’ Smile handcraft traditional artisan shaving products in northern Italy. They are known for the vast range of scents they offer, made using high quality, raw ingredients.

A desire to make a modern and extremely stylish range of shaving soaps and after shaves that appeal to a wide variety of ages inspired The Goodfellas’ Smile to create this alluring range. Their products will please both those who are looking for a traditional shave and those who would like a contemporary outlook to wet shaving.

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All of The Goodfellas’ Smile products are designed to be affordable and long-lasting, with many praising their products for the excellent value for money they offer.


The selection of quality ingredients and raw materials is an important process for The Goodfellas’ Smile. They take pride in the creation of their soaps and are pleased that they are able to offer products that use little to no preservatives, dyes or glycerine (except for naturally occurring glycerine that occurs by saponification).


The natural, honest ingredients used within The Goodfellas’ Smile products mean that many of their products are 100% vegan. They also offer hypoallergenic products, allowing everyone to enjoy their soaps and aftershaves no matter how sensitive their skin may be.


The consistency of their soaps has been highly praised, described as sitting somewhere between shaving soap and shaving cream, meaning it will lather up with ease and can be lathered up in a shaving bowl or directly onto the face depending on personal preference.


The endless amount of scents on offer means that no matter whatyour usual fragrance of choice is, you can guarantee you will find a product that has The Goodfellas’ Smile unique take on it. Though you may find some of the soaps to have some undernotes of fragrances you may have encountered in the past, there is no denying that the complexity of The Goodfellas’ Smile fragrances mean they are unique, one of a kind scents that simply cannot be replicated.


Another pleasant trait The Goodfellas’ Smile soaps carry due to the raw ingredients used is that several of their soaps gain a unique palette of hypnotic colours that adds even more to the overall sensory experience of this product range.


Additional parfum means these scents will also be much longer lasting than usual too, another added advantage of The Goodfellas’ Smile products.


The Goodfellas’ Smile are renowned for their bold branding, with all products displaying eye catching imagery and fonts upon their packaging, making them a striking addition to your shaving kit. The names of the products alone are enough to capture anyone’s attention, with soaps being given atmospheric titles such as ‘Abysso’, ‘Inferno’ and ‘Furah’ to name just a few.


All of their products are 100% handcrafted in Italy. The soaps are unfiltered, and as such the colouring may alter over time as the oleic acids crystalise. This will in no way alter the intrinsic property of the soap.


What with the high praise they are given within the wet shaving community, it’s guaranteed you won’t be disappointed if you choose to try The Goodfellas’ Smile product range.