Thiers-Issard straight razors were created in 1884 by Pierre Thiers who lived in a small village near to Thiers called Pont-Bas.

Today, Thiers-Issard use the same precise technical skills as Pierre – an expert blacksmith of straight razor blades. All workers are skilled in the handcrafting or new razors and repairing used ones – something which requires very specific technical skills and expertise.

After blacksmithing, first marking, and nine grinding processes, the Thiers-Issard workers move to the polishing, second marking, and sharpening stages. 52 different production processes go into the creation of a Thiers-Issard razor.

All Thiers-Issard razors bear their signature. This mark proves their financial and moral commitment to their clients. All Thiers-Issard razors leaving the workshop are universally guaranteed.

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