iKon Shave Craft

iKon Shave Craft are renowned for their style of mixing ‘an old innovation with a new tradition’, creating timeless wet shaving products that reach incredibly high standards.

Greg Kahn, founder and CEO, launched the company in the U.S.A in 2010 after experiencing frustration at the high prices and wastefulness of using disposable razors. He vowed to create eco-friendly products using fine materials and traditional techniques that would encourage more people to discover a passion for the ancient tradition of wet shaving.

The craftmanship that goes into creating the entire iKon Shave Craft product range is outstanding. They machine tool all of their razors, uncompromising on quality by opting to use the highest-grade material blocks. This makes all of their products sturdy, strong, and durable – a great investment.

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They provide many variations of their popular razor heads to allow for plenty of choice when it comes to finding a design to meet the needs of each individual, including slanted razor heads, closed comb, open comb, and a unique dual razor giving users the option of both closed and open comb, removing the need to purchase one of each type.


Though iKon are inspired by an industry that is viewed as very traditional, the techniques they use are incredibly innovative, giving them a highly renowned reputation for creating what many view as the world’s greatest wet shaving implements, with no shortcuts taken whatsoever.


Not only are the products conveniently practical, they are beautiful implements to have as part of a shaving kit. An iKon Shave Craft product is something to take pride in: an item that is likely to draw attention and receive plenty of praise.


Several of the razors made by iKon Shave Craft have been out of production for years, giving them almost a mythological quality in world of wet shaving. Thanks to collaborations with other businesses and brands, these products have been made available again, giving wet shaving enthusiasts the option to finally try these highly renowned products.


B1 Series


The “B1” series includes multiple razors that are of a particularly high standard, crafted entirely with stainless steel and made in collaboration with Italian company Barbieri Uniti.


The handles are the Barbieri Uniti 90mm Bulldog handle, also made entirely with stainless steel and hard chrome. The production of these handles is closely supervised by iKon throughout the whole process to ensure everything about the design meets the high expectations customers have come to expect from iKon products.


The design on the handles is truly a work of art, featuring stunning knurling in order to give the razor a sturdy grip.


The handles are designed to suit any other iKon razor head purchased, alongside many other razor heads from other brands.


A unique feature of the iKon B1 heads are the beautiful black finish on the stainless-steel. Alongside simply looking aesthetically pleasing, this also helps to protect from corrosion and staining and offers a smoother shave.


An iKon Shave Craft product is sure to be a luxurious but practical edition to your shaving kit.