iKon Shave Craft

iKon Shave Craft are renowned for their style of mixing ‘an old innovation with a new tradition’, creating timeless wet shaving products that reach incredibly high standards.

Greg Kahn, founder and CEO, launched the company in the U.S.A in 2010 after experiencing frustration at the high prices and wastefulness of using disposable razors. He vowed to create eco-friendly products using fine materials and traditional techniques that would encourage more people to discover a passion for the ancient tradition of wet shaving.

The craftmanship that goes into creating the entire iKon Shave Craft product range is outstanding. They machine tool all of their razors, uncompromising on quality by opting to use the highest-grade material blocks. This makes all of their products sturdy, strong, and durable – a great investment.

Ikon B1 OCD Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor
Ikon B1 Standard Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor
Ikon B1 Slant Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor

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