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The English Shaving Company

  • Our Best Grooming Accessories

    Your beard care routine simply isn’t complete without the right products. You may think your electric beard trimmer or razor is all you need to get your beard looking suave, but in fact, there are a number of accessories that make getting the right look so much easier. At The English Shaving Company, we pride ourselves on our vast collection of beard care and shaving products, helping everyone to get the best shave or grow the greatest beard of their lives.  Our beard accessories range includes mirrors, stands, bowls - pretty much everything you need to get a more effective shave or a tamed beard. Here are some of our favourite accessories from our range, available through our online store. Blade guards. Blade guards have one main, simple job; to protect your razor blades in between use, preventing them from becoming dirty or damaged. It’s a popular choice for those...
  • Benefits Of Beard Oil And Why You Should Be Using It

    Beard oil is not necessarily essential for beard care, but is recommended. It is a product that helps to keep beards soft and nourished when they need it most. With so many beard care products on the market, it can be confusing to remember what each one does and how using it can benefit your entire beard care routine. What are the benefits of beard oil? Here are a few ways beard oil can be a treat for your beard, and why you should add some to your beard care collection. Nourishes and hydrates your beard. Beard oil works on each individual beard hair, making each one softer to the touch and much more manageable. The oil also works wonders for the skin underneath your beard too - your skin will absorb the oil, preventing it from drying out when washing it post-shave. Moisture is quickly replenished before becoming dry...
  • How To Fade A Beard

    At one point or another, we’ve all wanted to try the ultimate beard fade to see if we can pull it off ourselves. If you’ve got the trimming basics nailed on the head then there’s no reason why you can’t give it a good go! Getting it right might take a few attempts, but with the right fade, you can transform your entire look. As many of us have varying beard lengths, it’s so important to get things right, blending your beard, sideburns, and hair together in the right way. Get it wrong, and you can give off the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing. To understand the best way to fade your beard, we’ve put together a quick guide to get you started and to teach you the basics of getting the fade you’ve always wanted. Here’s how to fade a beard the right way. Trim your...
  • Synthetic vs. Badger: The Shaving Brush Debate

    Synthetic shaving brushes make a shaving routine more effective, but how do you know which shaving brush is right for you? If you’re a fan of a good wet shave, you may already be using the shaving brush and shaving razor combination for the ultimate close shave. There are many benefits of synthetic shaving brushes over badger hair brushes, but what is the real difference between the two? We’ve compared synthetic vs badger shaving brushes to settle the debate and to help you choose what’s right for you. With so much to choose from, you’ll hopefully gain a bit of knowledge as to which brush is better for both you and the environment. The main types of shaving brush. There are four main types of shaving brush: Badger  Boar Horse Synthetic Two of these types are the most popular. The badger hair shaving brush has been the go-to shaving product...
  • How To Make Your Beard Soft

    A common question that men ask when growing a beard is how to make it soft. If your beard feels rough to the touch and quickly begins to itch as it grows then this means you need to take action. Thankfully, getting the ideal soft beard isn’t difficult, especially when you know the tips and tricks involved in nourishing and caring for your beard in the right way. First, let’s talk about some of the reasons why your beard might be rough to the touch. Why does my beard feel rough? You’ve started to grow out your beard and are patiently waiting for it to grow to your desired length. However, you’re quickly finding that your skin is becoming itchy underneath and you aren’t quite sure how the men of today manage to get through this itchy stage! Don’t be tempted to get out that razor however, as there are...
  • Should I Be Using A Shaving Brush?

    Shaving brushes make the task of shaving your facial hair much easier, and as they’ve been around a while, it’s clear that they are a popular tool in the wet shaving market. If you have a professional cut throat shave once in a while, you will more than likely see shaving brushes being used, or if you’re serious about beard grooming, then you might already have one! However, if you’re new to shaving brushes you are probably asking yourself the question, “Should I really be using a shaving brush?” The answer completely depends on your personal preferences and what you want to get out of your shave. A lot of men like convenience, and squeezing out a dollop of shaving foam or lathering up soap with your hands and rubbing it onto your face is the quickest and easiest way to shave. However, using a shaving brush has its benefits...
  • Finding The Best Beard Trimmer

    If you have facial hair, you’ll have more than likely used a beard trimmer at some point in your life or at least tried one out for size. Whether you use one regularly or not, there’s no denying the fact that a beard trimmer makes the job an easier and simpler one. A good, professional-looking beard can be hard to train and to ensure you make the job easier for yourself, you need the right tools and the right routine to make it happen.  Electric beard trimmers have many benefits, but it’s important to use them at the right times. Before we get stuck into finding the best beard trimmer on the market, let’s go through a few things you should note before you trim that facial hair. Find the right balance. You don’t want to be trimming your beard in the main growing phase as you’ll need a significant...
  • The Benefits Of Synthetic Shaving Brushes

    Many of us pay particular attention to products that are kind to the environment and those which include a range of natural ingredients. However, many people simply opt for the product they’ve always used, or one that fits nicely within their budget.  When it comes to shaving, we love products that really make a difference. That’s why we’ve done the research to find the ultimate shaving brushes that not only enable a great shave, but also bring a whole range of other benefits to the table. What are synthetic shaving brushes? Synthetic shaving brushes work in a similar way to other shaving brushes, except they use synthetic fibres instead of animal hair. As well as using a cruelty-free approach, there are so many other benefits from making the switch to synthetic, some of which may surprise you! The benefits of switching to a synthetic shaving brush. Completely cruelty-free. A standard...
  • Beard Germs: What Is Really Lurking In Your Beard?

    Have you ever thought about what is in your beard? You might have heard numerous horror stories about how dirty a beard can get without you even realising it. One thing is for certain though; the longer your beard, the more room there is for germs to linger if you don’t take the necessary steps to clean it properly.
  • How To Remove Kinks In Beard Hair

    If you’re finding curls and kinks regularly, it may be worth switching up your beard care routine and investing in a couple of handy products to keep your beard in place. Here are a few things you could try which are likely to work for any beard type.

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