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  • Aloe Vera Guide

    Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years because it has significant benefits for our skin and bodies. It’s cultivated around the world to obtain aloe gel, a natural substance found in the leaves of the plant, which is then used in a range of skincare, food and health products. At The English Shaving Company, we have a huge number of shaving and skin products that contain aloe vera. Read more about this plant and its benefits.

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  • 5 Best Straight Razors For Beginners

    Straight razors are one of the most traditional ways to shave and, once perfected, produce extremely close and smooth results. Many men love the ritual of shaving with a straight razor which often requires more attention and care than with cartridge razors, but feels fantastic. We’ve put together our list to help you find the best straight razor for beginners, so you can hone your technique and enjoy the luxury of straight razor shaving.

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  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    It’s Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday 31st of March. It can be really hard to find gifts for your mum, so here at The English Shaving Company we’ve pulled together some of our favourite present ideas so you can show your appreciation for your mum, grandma, aunt and any other important women in your life.

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  • Product Spotlight: Andis Slimline Pro

    The Andis Slimline Pro is a leading beard trimmer that gives you high control and produces a professional finish. It’s brilliant for handling beard trimming including fading and trimming around your neckline. You can perfect your look without all the fuss. We’ve chosen this for our product spotlight because it gives one of the best results out of all of our electric beard trimmers and is fantastic for quick touch ups, even on the move.

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  • Top 5 Shaving Sets for Christmas

    Shaving sets make fantastic Christmas presents for any clean-shaven man. Practical and luxurious, they come in such a wide variety that you can find the perfect set no matter his style of shaving, skin type or taste.
    Last year, we provided a guide on how to choose a shaving set for Christmas, giving you the top tips on what to look for in a set. This year, we’ve pulled together our top 5 shaving sets for Christmas to make it easier than ever for you to find the perfect set.

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  • Black Friday Shaving Deals

    The official date for Black Friday this year is November 23rd, but you may have already noticed shops starting their discounts. The English Shaving Company have a huge range of discounts this year with our biggest Black Friday ever. View our guide to our Black Friday shaving deals or explore the website to find the offers on your favourite product.

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  • Product Spotlight: Parker Safety Razor

    There are a huge number of Parker safety razor options, but it’s the Parker 92R DE Razor under our spotlight today. This is a high quality razor that provides a close result and a smooth shaving experience.

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  • Marvis Toothpaste

    You may have noticed, The English Shaving Company now sell toothpaste and toothbrushes! Find out about Marvis toothpastes, what makes them different, and why we think you should give them a go!

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  • Guide to Beeswax

    Beeswax is the key ingredient in a huge number of skincare and beard products including beard balm and moustache wax. It provides a base for other ingredients, and brings its own unique qualities. Discover why beeswax is used in so many products offered by The English Shaving Company and how it can benefit your skin care routine.

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  • Travel Grooming Sets

    Last month we put together some of our tips on taking care of your skin and beard when enjoying your holiday (find our holiday skincare tips here!). To make sure you have everything you need this summer, we’ve also put together a quick guide to travel grooming sets. There’s no excuse to neglect your beard or shave on your holidays this year!

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