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wet shaving

  • Dry vs Wet Shaving

    Dry and wet shaving has been a debate among men since the first electric shavers were invented in 1930 and people still can’t decide which is better! Both have big advantages and work differently according to your skin type and routine. We’ve created our guide to dry vs wet shaving to help you decide which might work better for you.

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  • What is Wet Shaving?

    The average man spends approximately 3000 hours of his life shaving - the equivalent to four entire months. With all that time spent on it, it’s worth doing right. A wet shave can make your shave more comfortable and more effective. But what is wet shaving? Here, The English Shaving Company shaving experts break down the ins and outs of wet shaving including what exactly it is, the tools you need to do it, and how to wet shave.

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