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  • How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

    Your skin is covered in unproblematic pores - the tiny openings of hair follicles - but when these pores get blocked, blackheads can form. These little dark spots appear most commonly on your nose, chin or between your eyebrows — although you might also spot them on your ears or even your back! They’re pretty much harmless, but often make your skin look blemished. The English Shaving Company have put together a list of 5 ways to get rid of blackheads from your face, so your skin can look smooth and blemish-free.

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  • How to Dispose of Razor Blades UK

    Razor blades need to be kept sharp to ensure you get an effective shave. Sharp blades also reduce the risk of shaving rash and bumps. Unless you have a traditional straight razor, this will mean replacing the old blades and disposing of them safely. Read how to dispose of and recycle razor blades (in the UK).

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  • How To Care For Your Straight Razor

    It’s vital that you maintain and care for your straight razor properly to ensure you get that smooth and close shave you expect from this traditional form of shaving. If it’s blunt or rusty, it’s not good for anything!

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  • How to Use Beard Trimmers

    The English Shaving Company are experts in all things beard and shaving, including electric beard trimmers. To help you out, we’ve put together this definitive guide on how to use beard trimmers. Whether you’re just starting out or are on old hand looking for some bonus tips (see the bottom of the page!), this guide can help you get the best out of your beard trimmers.

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  • Preventing Dry Skin

    Dry skin is a horrible condition that can affect any area of your body at any time of the year. In summer, exposure to sunshine and heat can dry out your skin, as can air conditioning, and the chlorine found in swimming pools. In winter, artificial heating, cold temperatures, and hot water can all damage your skin. The English Shaving Company have some top tips for preventing dry skin all year round.

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  • How to Look Awake in the Morning

    We’ve all peered into the mirror to decide if we look as sleepy as we feel - and the results aren’t always encouraging! The snooze button or a large mug of coffee are tempting solutions, but there are some simple skin care tips you can build into your routine to help you look awake in the morning -- and feel more awake too! Continue reading

  • The Perfect Beard Trim (Step-by-Step from the Experts)

    Perfecting your beard trim routine will make all the difference when creating an attractive and well-kept beard. Whether you’re growing out your facial hair or have already achieved your desired length, trimming is essential at every stage. The English Shaving Company have put together a step-by-step guide on how to trim your beard.

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  • How to Grow a Beard: Bare to Bear (in 5 Steps)


    Your shaving routine takes a lot of time, but putting that razor away and choosing to grow a beard comes with a different set of requirements - especially if you want a beard to rival the best! The English Shaving Company have all the tips on how to grow a beard including tackling patchiness and itchiness, and encouraging the hair to grow in the right direction!

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  • How to Stop Shaving Rash


    Shaving rash can be a painful and irritating effect of shaving. The more sensitive your skin, the more likely you are to suffer and the more painful it can be. However, don’t despair; there are ways to stop shaving rash from happening. This includes modifying your shaving technique, your razor and razor blades, the shaving cream, aftershave and other products that you use to aid your shave. Continue reading

  • Best Safety Razor: Choosing the Safety Razor for You


    With the huge range of different razors and blades on the market, choosing the best safety razor can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, such as your skin type, coarseness of beard, and available budget. Finding the perfect razor and blade combination will improve the overall quality of your skin care routine, help you get an even closer shave, and minimise post-shave irritation. This guide from The English Shaving Company will help you select the best safety razor for you. Continue reading

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