How To Care For A DE Razor While Travelling

If you’re going on a holiday, making a business trip or visiting family abroad for more than a couple of days, you’ll want to bring your razor with you so you can look your best throughout your trip. Read our tips on how to care for your razor while travelling so it stays sharp, effective and safe from damage.

How to care for safety razor while travelling

Male or female, you’ll want to bring your razor on your travels so you can look and feel great throughout your holiday. However, if you use a safety razor, it’s important to look after it properly to ensure it stays sharp and effective, as well as safe from damage during transport.

Read our top tips on how to care for your DE safety razor while travelling. Following a few simple steps can keep your razor safe and free you from worry!


Top Tips For Razor Care


1. Use A Case

The simplest tip is to invest in a case for your razor. There are a range of different cases available but you’ll want to find one specifically designed for a DE safety razor. This will ensure that the fit is snug and therefore offers the best protection.

A leather case will not only protect your razor, but will also look fantastic! You’ll find small leather cases for standard DE razors and large cases for long handled razors.

If a full leather case is too much of an investment, a head sheath or protector is a cheaper, more lightweight option. It doesn’t protect the whole razor as effectively, but it does keep moisture from the blades and minimises the risk of hazard to you when you’re rummaging through your washbag.

leather sheath for safety razor


2. Remove The Blades

It’s probably a good idea to completely remove the blades from your razor during travel. It’s still best to protect your razor with a case, but this eradicates the risk that otherwise comes with exposed blades. It also means the blades are more likely to retain their sharpness for longer as they’re not exposed to the air and don’t come into contact with other materials that might dull them.

If you are ready to change your blades anyway, dispose of the old ones before you go away and bring a set of new blades in their packaging. Alternatively, you could buy blades when you arrive at your destination (see point number 5!).


3. Bring Spare Blades

Whether or not you choose to remove the blade from your razor during travel, it’s usually a good idea to bring some spare blades with you anyway. If you’re away for a long time, this ensures that you’re able to change out the blades when they become dull so you can keep up a quality shave throughout your trip.

If you’re bringing spare blades, you’ll want to ensure that you also bring along a safe disposal unit for them. You can’t just drop them into your normal bin because even dull blades are extremely sharp and pose a hazard.

The easiest way to do this when travelling would be to bring blades supplied in a case with a blade disposal slot. While it’s not as good for the environment as the blades that come in card packaging, blades in plastic packaging are ideal for travel as the plastic provides a safe container. Many of the blade packs have a slot on the reverse where you can store your used blades safely and out of the way. If your pack doesn’t have this feature and you’re putting them back in the same packet, re-wrap the blade in the paper they come supplied in and mark it as used so you don’t get them confused.

While lots of other brands such as Derby provide high quality blades in a secure plastic case, our favourite are these Feather blades. They are among the sharpest blades on the market, you get 10 blades to a pack and the back of the case includes the aforementioned  compartment for storing used blades -- you won’t run the risk of getting them mixed up with your new ones.

Feather safety razor blades


4. Keep the Blades Sharp

Sharp blades mean a more effective shave with less irritation. To ensure your blades stay sharp while you’re on the move, you can follow the tips above -- storing your razor in a case and/or keeping the blades in their packaging during travel. However, it’s also a good idea to minimise how much moisture your razor blades are exposed to while you’re away.

Blades will inevitably get wet during your shave, but take thirty seconds after shaving to carefully dry the blades with a towel to remove the water. You can then cover the razor head with a protective sheath or return the razor to its case to ensure the blades aren’t exposed to moisture in the air.

Try to keep your razor out of the bathroom while you’re travelling by storing it in your wash bag or even your suitcase.


5. Keep It In Your Main Luggage

An important thing to remember when travelling is to keep your double edge safety razor in your main luggage. This is less about caring for your razor and more about holding on to it! Because of the large and easy-to-remove blades, airlines don’t allow DE razors (with blades) in your carry-on luggage. If you were to put it in, it would be taken off you at security.

Some airlines do allow you to take the razor in your hand luggage, provided that it doesn’t have the blades in it. Do check this with your airline before you travel though! If you’re just travelling with carry-on luggage, this means you could still bring your razor and buy the blades when you arrive.

This can be more of a hassle as it involves finding a pharmacy or shop at your destination that will sell the blades which can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the place. However, it’s the best option if you’re not bringing any hold luggage with you.


If you’re going away, be sure to keep your safety razor protected by following our top tips. If you’re interested in purchasing a high quality safety razor, explore our collection.

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