Travel Grooming Sets

Last month we put together some of our tips on taking care of your skin and beard when enjoying your holiday (find our holiday skincare tips here!). To make sure you have everything you need this summer, we’ve also put together a quick guide to travel grooming sets. There’s no excuse to neglect your beard or shave on your holidays this year!

Travel grooming sets

What’s in a Travel Grooming Set?

Travel grooming sets come in all shapes and sizes, and include anything and everything that you need to maintain a smooth and comfortable shave. A standard set includes the basic essentials: a razor, a shaving brush, and the case. The case is crucial for protecting the razor and brush from damage, as well as providing easy transport.

The type of razor and shaving brush varies according to the set and your budget. Our travel grooming sets have different razor options to give you a premium shave to your specifications no matter where you are.


Why do you need a travel set?

Of course, you don’t need a travel set. It’s perfectly possible to bring all your shaving essentials with you on holiday separately. However, a travel shaving set allows you to keep everything together, making sure nothing gets lost or separated. It also protects your razor and brush from becoming damaged during transportation.

Travel shaving sets are also perfect for men that travel frequently. It makes it easy to ensure your essentials are always present without having to pack everything from home each time you make a trip.


Travel Shaving Sets for Men


Edwin Jagger Black and Orange Set

This travel shaving set for men comes in a compact and light case that’s easy to pack and comes with a razor and brush. The orange stitching contrasts with the black case and looks fantastic. It can cope with being moved from suitcase to suitcase no matter where you’re travelling and will stand the test of time.

It can be easy to sacrifice on quality when you’re travelling, settling for substandard products knowing it’s only for a couple of weeks. However, this set allows you to choose between the two popular options of a Gillette Mach3 or Fusion razor, minimising the risk of discomfort, itchiness, or rashes while you’re on the road.

It also comes with a nickel plated pure badger shaving brush. This high quality brush will allow you to maintain a close shave while travelling.

Edwin Jagger Orange travel set


Black Carbon Fibre Travel Set

This travel set has a black carbon fibre effect pattern on the case and, like the previous one, can withstand a lot of moving around. The razor and shaving brush fit snugly in the case to effectively protect them as you travel.

Again, you can select your preference of Gillette razor, Mach3 or Fusion, to know that you can get a high quality shave no matter where in the world you are.

Travel shaving set for men


Black Leather Grooming Set

This grooming set was designed in-house by Edwin Jagger and is made from real leather, creating a beautiful finish and superior quality case. Your Gillette razor and nickel-plated shaving brush fit perfectly in the case to prevent damage.

We love this travel grooming set because it looks as great from the outside as it feels when you use it!

Travel grooming set



travel case for brushMaking Your Own Set

If you prefer a double edge safety razor or a different variety of shaving brush, then you could create your own personalised shaving travel set.

We have a range of quality wash bags designed to carry additional shaving essentials such as shaving soap, moisturiser, and aftershave.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a key part of creating a travel set is providing protection for your grooming and shaving tools, especially your razor and shaving brush as these can be damaged more easily during transit. Pick your travel shaving gear accordingly.



Travel Grooming Sets

Whether you’re looking forward to your annual summer holiday or are a frequent flyer, a travel shaving set helps you to look and feel great no matter where you’re heading!

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