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Tips and Advice

  • Date Prep Tips For Men

    February 14th is just around the corner so The English Shaving Company have put together some top tips for date preparation. Whether you’ve plucked up the courage to ask him out for the first time or you’ve been with your wife for years, putting in a little extra effort this Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your date that you care (and it can help you feel more confident too!).

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  • How to Shave Your Legs with a Safety Razor

    Double Edge, or DE safety razors are a fantastic way to shave whether you’re a man or a woman. Learn how to shave your legs with a safety razor, including skin preparation tips and how to handle the razor.

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  • Dry vs Wet Shaving

    Dry and wet shaving has been a debate among men since the first electric shavers were invented in 1930 and people still can’t decide which is better! Both have big advantages and work differently according to your skin type and routine. We’ve created our guide to dry vs wet shaving to help you decide which might work better for you.

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  • Happy New Beard!

    The new year is a great time to make changes. More exercise, a better diet, travelling more… It can also be a great time to change up your look. Beard popularity isn’t expected to change in 2019, so why not give growing a beard a go in the new year? We have some top tips on growing your facial hair this January.

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  • Get Your Look on Point This Christmas

    With all the Christmas parties and get togethers, it’s important to make sure your look is on point this season! The English Shaving Company Christmas style guide will help you feel confident and ready to celebrate.

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  • Safety Razor Shaving for Women

    Shaving with a safety razor is a fantastic decision. It’s a great way to reduce your plastic waste, as well as improving the quality of your shave. Safety razors are a more traditional form of wet shaving than cartridge or disposable razors so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on safety razor shaving for women so you can feel confident using a safety razor.

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  • What is Dry Shaving?

    The English Shaving Company are experts in shaving of all varieties including traditional wet shaving and the more recent dry shaving. We have a guide on wet vs dry shaving, but what is dry shaving? Read our guide to discover all about dry shaving, how to do it and the tips to make it as comfortable and effective as possible.

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  • Men’s Facial Cleansing

    Many men skip facial cleansing, but it should be an important part of your routine if you are to keep your skin healthy and looking great. Cleansing is another name for washing and it helps to remove bacteria, dirt, sweat, and grime, keeping your skin clean and healthy.

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  • Keep Razor Blades Sharp

    Over time, all razor blades lose their sharpness, becoming dull and less effective. When this happens, you’ll need to change your blades or, if you’re using a disposable razor, replace your entire razor. It’s impossible to keep razor blades sharp forever, but there are some tips you can follow to keep them sharp for longer.

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  • What is Wet Shaving?

    The average man spends approximately 3000 hours of his life shaving - the equivalent to four entire months. With all that time spent on it, it’s worth doing right. A wet shave can make your shave more comfortable and more effective. But what is wet shaving? Here, The English Shaving Company shaving experts break down the ins and outs of wet shaving including what exactly it is, the tools you need to do it, and how to wet shave.

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