Travel Shaving Essentials 2019

It’s June, which means that the summer holidays are almost upon us! Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to Europe, a camping trip in the UK or a sunny holiday further afield, The English Shaving Company have put together our travel shaving essentials 2019 guide so you can look fantastic no matter where you are!

Travel shaving essentials


Remembering your razor is essential if you want to maintain your look while on holiday! For the most part, you should be able to bring your normal razor along with you (as long as you keep it in your main luggage and not your carry-on!).

However, if you usually use a heavy, electric shaver, you might find it easier to swap to a lighter and smaller option like a double edge safety razor or a cartridge razor while you’re travelling. You won’t have to worry about plug converters or battery life and it’ll mean you have more weight left in your luggage to bring back souvenirs!

The trick with travelling with your razor is making sure the blades are protected. They can become dull more easily or pose a risk to you when you’re rummaging through your wash bag.


Razor Case

You’ll be able to find a high quality razor case for your razor whether it’s a cartridge or DE.


Leather razor case for cartridge razorLeather razor case for travelling


Blade Guard

Cases can be a little on the expensive side, however. A more budget-friendly alternative is the blade guard. Unlike a case, it won’t protect your entire razor, but it will keep the blade protected making it safer to transport and less likely to become dull. They’re also much more lightweight, which is ideal for travel.
Leather razor protector


Travel Shaving Brush

A travel shaving brush is smaller, more lightweight and usually comes with a lid to protect the bristles from damage in transit. You don’t necessarily need a shaving brush in order to shave while on holiday, but it will make your shave more effective, smooth and comfortable!

We recommend any of our Edwin Jagger travel brushes. They come in a range of different colours and are made from high quality, synthetic brush fibres so are suitable for vegans.

black travel shaving brush

Travel Shaving Soap

There are a huge range of shaving soaps and creams that would work for travel, depending on your preference. You’ll want to find smaller versions of some of your favourite products to avoid carrying unnecessary weight.

If you prefer shaving cream, then you could use a sample pot from Edwin Jagger. These are cheap to buy and ideal for travel because they’re extremely small. They’re also great for trying out the range of different fragrances that Edwin Jagger have in their collection! The sample pots include both a shaving cream and an aftershave lotion.

travel shaving cream selection

Alternatively, Muhle have a shaving stick which is best used with a shaving brush to produce a rich and luxurious lather. The stick format makes it easy to carry in your wash bag as it’s self contained and, at just 37g, is designed to be lightweight and perfect for travelling with.


travel shaving stick from Muhle



It’s unusual to be staying somewhere without a mirror in the bathroom (although you might be camping or shaving on the road!), but a travel shaving mirror is a small, easy-to-transport mirror that also has a magnified side. This makes it easier to see the hairs when you’re shaving, helping you to get a more accurate and smooth shave.

A free standing mirror can be used anywhere. This one is double sided for both a magnifying option and a normal option and is just 10cm across.
travel mirror for shaving


SPF Protection

If you’re heading somewhere sunny, it’s vital that you protect your skin from the sun and UV radiation. It’s not just sunburn that you need to be wary of; UV radiation can damage and dry out your skin in the long term. Choose a moisturiser that offers protection from the sun and be sure to apply it before you head outside, ideally after washing your face in the morning.

We recommend Bad Norwegian’s moisturiser:

face cream with SPF


Shaving Wash Bag

Investing in a quality wash bag or travel case is a brilliant idea. A high quality one could last for decades and not only does it keep your shaving tools and travel products together in one place, it also protects them from damage and keeps them from damaging other items in your luggage!

You can view our full collection of travel cases and wash bags here, but if you’re after a particular recommendation, why not take a look at this Rowallan Holborn washbag. Made from genuine leather, it’s the ideal size in which to fit all your travel shaving essentials!

leather washbag for travel

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