Best Mens Aftershave: Top 5 Post-Shave Products

  An aftershave is the final step in achieving a smooth, clean and close shave. It calms your skin, reduces the chance of nicks and cuts getting infected and minimises the risk of shaving rash -- not to mention it smells and feels great! But you have to get the right aftershave for you. This doesn’t just mean one which you like the smell of; it also means one that suits your skin, your shave and your needs. We’ve gathered up some of our favourite aftershaves to help you choose the perfect one for you.  

Men’s Aftershave: Essential Qualities

  When you’re looking for an aftershave, it must have antibacterial properties. This protects your skin from bacteria that causes redness, spots or bumps. Barbers used to use an alcohol rub that could contain as much as 90% alcohol! These days, the fumes from your aftershave are unlikely to make you woozy, but they should help your face recover from the abrasive effects of a shave.   Other important qualities include a soothing and cooling feeling, moisturising as shaving can leave skin dry and feeling tight, and the general rejuvenation of your skin. While many view aftershave as a shaving product, really it’s all about facial and skin care.  

The Best Aftershave

  There are many different types of aftershave treatments, from sensitive balms and creams, to the more traditional splashes and lotions. In no particular order, these are 5 of our top aftershave products that produce a smooth finish, great fragrance, and care for your skin.  

1. Scottish Fine Soaps’ Thistle and Black Pepper Aftershave Balm

  Aftershave from Scottish Fine Soaps ThistleWe love this aftershave from Scottish Fine Soaps. Firstly, the packaging looks smart and sophisticated, and the tube makes it easy to get the perfect amount without wasting any excess or putting too much on. With this, a small amount goes a long way, making the most of your money and meaning you don’t have to be buying a new bottle every few weeks. Like all our favourites, it soothes your skin post-shave, but it also protects throughout the day as it soaks into the skin without leaving a residue or greasy feeling. Instead, it leaves you feeling smooth, clean and moisturised. The light, fresh smell helped us feel clean and smart all day.    

2. Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate Aftershave Lotion

  Edwin Jagger Limes aftershaveEdwin Jagger produce great products. One of our favourite things about this men’s aftershave is the ingredients. It’s the only one on our list today that’s made from 99% natural ingredients. This natural composition shows; it’s extremely soothing and moisturising. Our favourite is the limes and pomegranate scent. Its subtle, zesty and refreshing, the perfect way to start a morning awake and fresh. It also comes in two other  fragrances -- all of which  are well balanced so the aroma is never overpowering. You can achieve soft skin while knowing you’re being environmentally friendly. We love it!    

3. Crabtree & Evelyn Moroccan Myrrh Aftershave Balm

  Crabtree & Evenlyn post-shave balmThree words we’d use to describe Crabtree & Evelyn’s aftershave balm: sophisticated, sexy and soothing. While this balm has great calming qualities for your post-shave skin, as well as moisturising and conditioning, it’s the smell that really put this product on our best aftershave list.   With tones of bergamot, cardamom and guaiac wood, the scent is smoky, sexy and warm. It’s perfect for a date or simply maintaining your sophisticated demeanor all day, wherever you are.        

4. Myrsol Emulsion Pre & Post Shave Lotion

  Aftershave in glass bottleWe love Myrsol Emulsion post-shave lotion because it’s such a fantastic all-rounder. It works on beard, moustache and side burn detailing, as well as after a full shave. A pre and post-shave lotion, this is versatile and effective, moisturising your skin and protecting before and after. It’s alcohol-free, but disinfects your skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. It has a light aroma and comes in a traditional glass jar.   There’s nothing not to like about this product, which is why it’s made it onto our best aftershave list.    

5. Proraso Eucalyptus Aftershave Balm

  refreshing post-shave balmWe think this is the most refreshing aftershave in our top 5. It has eucalyptus, which cools your skin after shaving, and menthol to give you that morning-ready, refreshing tingle. Like the Myrsol Emulsion, it’s alcohol free, but disinfects your skin, keeping you clean after a shave and minimising risk of infection from nicks or cuts. We love the tidy and sophisticated design and a fresh scent that’s completely unique to this aftershave. Proraso also do a sensitive skin version, so you can get the same high quality effects no matter what your skin type.     With any shaving product, the best thing to do is experiment with your skin’s needs, your tastes and what works for you. Our list is by no means extensive, but is a guide to help you work out what you might want from your aftershave and some of the products that might deliver it. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these products or any of our other aftershaves! Why not explore more of our blog? We have a guide on how to buy gifts for men at Christmas or tips on cleansing your face right.  
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