Men’s Facial Cleansing

Many men skip facial cleansing, but it should be an important part of your routine if you are to keep your skin healthy and looking great. Cleansing is another name for washing and it helps to remove bacteria, dirt, sweat, and grime, keeping your skin clean and healthy. Using a face cleanser

What is Facial Cleansing?

Facial cleansing is another way to refer to face washing. The terms ‘cleanser’ and ‘face wash’ do refer to different products, with the former seen most frequently within women’s skincare. Cleanser is specifically designed to remove oils, sweat, and dirt (as well as makeup) from your face by dissolving the oils. Face wash has the same final effect - removing excess oil and dirt - but rather than dissolving the oils, it washes them away. For most people’s purposes, wash and cleanser are equally effective at cleaning your skin.

Why is it Important?

Many men neglect facial cleansing, but it is an important step in keeping your skin healthy. Dirt, sweat, old skin cells and excess oil can build up in your pores, resulting in blackheads and spots. Bacteria on your face can lead to spots becoming infected and inflamed. Cleansing removes the dirt and excess oil to reduce blackheads and spots, and leaves your skin looking much brighter and smoother. Washing your face regularly helps to improve the result of your shave. Bacteria and dirt contribute towards shaving rash and can mean nicks and cuts from shaving become infected more easily. Cleaning your face helps you to feel more comfortable post-shave. Using an aftershave can also help with this. Aftershave disinfects your skin to help it recover as quickly as possible from a shave. Why not check out our guide to the best men's aftershave so you can find the very best product for your skin?  

Soap vs Face Wash

Bar or body soap and face wash are not the same thing. Soap is designed for your body and not the soft, more sensitive skin of your face. It can be abrasive and dry out your skin, causing more problems. Face wash or cleanser is specifically designed for your face; it is more effective and less likely to dry out your skin. It’s important to invest in a face wash to ensure your skin is being looked after as effectively as possible.  

Top Tips

Develop a Routine

The best way to ensure you wash your face effectively is to develop a regular routine. Whether it’s as soon as you get up and right before you go to bed, or scheduled around other markers in your day, developing a routine means that you never forget to cleanse.  

Use Warm Water

It’s best to use warm water as this opens your pores without damaging your skin. If the water is too hot, it can remove the natural oils that your skin needs to stay hydrated. Once you’ve washed your face, splash with cold water. This closes the pores again, protecting your skin as you go about your day. It’s also a great way to feel refreshed.  

Follow with a Moisturiser

Although face wash is less likely to dry your skin than soap, it’s still a good idea to finish your cleansing routine using moisturiser. This hydrates your skin and can help combat wrinkles down the line! Read more about preventing dry skin on our blog post!   Do you regularly cleanse your face? Let us know your top tips in the comments.