Gifts for Men: How to Choose a Shaving Set for Christmas

  Buying gifts for men can be hard (how is it they always seem to have everything?!), and Christmas is approaching fast. Whether you’re itching to put up the fairy lights, or if you refuse to even look at a red stocking until Christmas Eve, it’s the perfect time to think about presents. Be it a gift for dad, your husband, brother, or friend, a shaving set is ideal. It’s practical and useful, as well as offering that little touch of luxury. Even after narrowing your choice of gift down to a shaving set, it can be hard to know which to choose. We’ve put together this short guide to give you a few pointers on what to look out for, and some suggestions of shaving sets that we love. Gifts for men with beards at Christmas

The Shaving Set

Getting the right contents in a shaving set is crucial. There are many options to choose from with a range of different razors, aftershaves, soaps, and brushes included. Here are the top things to look out for when making your choice.  

The Razor

We offer a huge range of both traditional and contemporary shaving sets, including both cartridge razors (Gillette Fusion & Mach3) and double edge safety razors. Before choosing your shaving set, you should find out what kind of razor the man you’re buying for prefers. There’s no point getting a razor that he struggles to use or doesn’t suit his skin type.  

Pre-Shave and Aftershave

Shaving gifts for men usually include shaving products, such as pre-shave, soaps & creams, or aftershave. Unlike buying the wrong razor, with a pre-shave or aftershave, many men like to discover new varieties in order to find the perfect one for every occasion. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider what your dad, boyfriend or brother would prefer. Think about what fragrances he likes and his skin type - for instance, does he have sensitive or dry skin? We put together a list of our best mens aftershave, which might offer some guidance when making this decision or you could read our guide on what to look out for when buying aftershave.  

Shaving Brush and Stand

A shaving set with a brush and stand Shaving brushes are an important element to any good shave. Shaving sets often include a shaving brush and you can choose your set according to the brush type that you know your man likes best. If you don’t know, or if he’s never thought about the type of shaving brush he prefers, then we’d say any grade of badger hair is a good choice. When you’re choosing a shaving set that includes a brush, it should also include a brush stand. This means that the shaving brush can dry in the air and excess water can run off the hairs, keeping them in the best condition. This extra detail will increase the lifespan of the shaving brush, and make your gift stand out from the crowd.  

Any Suggestions?

  Shaving sets come in a range of sizes, with large gift bundles that include razors, brushes, pre-shave, aftershave, soaps and shaving creams, to smaller sets with just a couple of elements from the above list. The best way is to choose what components you definitely want, as well as a rough price range. Have a browse through our shaving sets to get a taste for what’s out there and what would suit your brother, dad, husband or friend the best. Edwin Jagger's shaving gift for menEdwin Jagger’s starter kit shaving set is one of our favourite gifts for men. It includes a DE razor and shaving brush, as well as a range of high quality products, including cooling aloe vera shaving cream and a hydrating pre-shave lotion. It’s a larger bundle which makes it a great gift set as it includes everything you need for a luxurious close shave. If you don’t need the hardware, you could opt for a shaving set that doesn’t include a razor or brush at all, such as this classic Geo F. Trumper gift set. It’s one of our favourites due to the traditional and alluring sandalwood fragrance.   Alternatively, you could make your own shaving set gift…  

Get Creative!

If you can’t find the perfect shaving set or if you know that your man is very particular about the products he uses, you could always select the individual components yourself. Perhaps a beard balm paired with your own choice of razor. Or you could choose the shaving cream you know he loves, combined with a new pre-shave option for him to explore. Put your mix and match choice into a luxurious wash or travel bag and you have the perfect Christmas gift for any man.   Let us know your favourite elements of a shaving set in the comments below!
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