Top 5 Shaving Sets for Christmas

Shaving sets make fantastic Christmas presents for any clean-shaven man. Practical and luxurious, they come in such a wide variety that you can find the perfect set no matter his style of shaving, skin type or taste.
Last year, we provided a guide on how to choose a shaving set for Christmas, giving you the top tips on what to look for in a set. This year, we’ve pulled together our top 5 shaving sets for Christmas to make it easier than ever for you to find the perfect set.

The Shaving Sets

We have a huge number of shaving sets available to buy for Christmas. We only stock the very best products at The English Shaving Company, so no matter what you decide, you can rest assured that you’re getting a high quality gift he’ll love. However, the five below are among some of our favourite sets.


1. The Safety Razor Set

For the very closest and most enjoyable shave, a double edge safety razor is the way to go. This traditional method of wet shaving is known to produce a close and clean shave, as well as bringing a luxurious rhythm to daily life. Using a safety razor forces you to slow down and enjoy the experience of shaving. This makes DE razor sets a great Christmas present: practicality and luxury combined.

4pc chatworth shaving set for Christmas

Edwin Jagger razors and brushes are manufactured in the UK and boast elegance, high quality design and long-lasting products. This razor is from their Chatsworth range and you get the choice of which shaving brush you want with your set -  choose from three different grades of badger hair or a synthetic fill according to your preference.

It’s a four-piece set which includes razor, brush, stand and bowl. There are also three piece sets available too. It looks fantastic in the bathroom and will produce a superior shave.


2. The Gillette Fusion Cartridge Shaving Set

We have two varieties of popular cartridge razors available; Fusion and Mach3. Both were pioneered by Gillette and the key difference is the number of blades. The Mach3 has three and the Fusion has five, plus a single detailing blade on the reverse. It depends on personal preference as to which is better, so we’ve split them into two categories.

4pc bulbous fusion razor kit

This Fusion cartridge razor set from Edwin Jagger is made using genuine Gillette parts to produce a smooth and high quality shave. We love the deep blue colour, but there are plenty of other colour choices available too like the ebony one above.

Again, we’ve chosen the four-piece set as our top product as this makes for the very best gift for Christmas, but it too is available in a three piece set.


3. The Gillette Mach 3 Cartridge Shaving Set

Gillette’s Mach 3 razor is a three blade system with a comfort bar included on the razor -- this also helps to indicate when the blades have begun to lose their sharpness.

yellow shaving set for christmas

The razor, brush, stand and bowl in this set are great and are of the high quality we have come to expect from Edwin Jagger, but we really love the colour! If you’re looking for a quality Mach3 razor set, you can’t go wrong here and you get your choice of shaving brush fill too.

If you prefer more classic or traditional colours in your shaving sets, you could always try the ivory or ebony versions.


4. The Travel Shaving Set

If the man you’re buying for travels a lot, then a highly durable shaving set designed to fit easily into a suitcase or wash bag makes a fantastic gift. There are lots of accessories you can buy to protect shaving equipment while travelling such as a blade guard, but these shaving sets come with everything in one go.

leather case shaving set

This travel set includes cartridge razor and pure badger brush, and is perfect for grabbing in a rush when you’re packing. The case is made from genuine leather, allowing it to effectively protect the razor on the move while also looking fantastic! It’s the perfect present for any frequent traveller. You can select your choice of Fusion or Mach3 razor too.


5. The Starter Shaving Kit

If you’re buying for a younger man or perhaps someone that wants to start venturing into traditional wet shaving with a DE razor, then a full starter kit is an ideal gift.

Edwin Jagger's shaving gift for men

It includes everything one needs to begin using a safety razor including a long-handled razor, spare blades, a brush and stand, and various creams to help to get a close and comfortable shave. It even includes a styptic pencil that helps to soothe and stem bleeding from those inevitable nicks when you first get started.

It makes the perfect shaving kit present!


Shaving Sets for Christmas

If you’re still have questions about choosing a razor, a shaving set or anything else, why not explore our blog. We have numerous guides to help you with everything shaving and beard related. If you still have questions, feel free to give us a call and speak to an expert in our team.

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