Ariana & Evans Arrives at The English Shaving Company

Ariana & Evans Logo


Since our most recent delivery of a new range of shaving soaps, I have discovered no other brands we stock have combined scents like Ariana & Evans. When our first delivery arrived, we could not believe the lingering fragrance that followed the simple cardboard box around. Only after opening and realising it was the long-awaited Ariana & Evans order did we allow ourselves to get slightly giddy.


Ariana & Evans is becoming renowned for its exotic and unexpected pairings of scents and that has seen their rise to a favourite among artisan shaving soap makers. Some fragrances may remind you of forgotten classics but with an interesting twist. The playfulness of each scent is one of the many reasons why Ariana & Evans continues to be held in such high esteem by the wet shaving community.


There are two shaving soap bases from which to choose, either the plant based and vegan friendly VR1 or their newly released showstopper K2E. If you are avoiding animal products, then you will adore the VR1; it produces a dense lather that provides perfect glide for shaving and hydrates the skin using ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Rice Milk and Coconut Milk.


Ariana & Evans founder, Peter Charkalis, is constantly seeking to improve company formulations, so customers enjoy the most luxurious lather and cushioned shave. The newly released K2E formula include the ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Yoghurt and Tallow; not only will this shaving soap work well with a shaving brush (an Edwin Jagger Plaza Imitation Ivory Synthetic Silver Tip Shaving Brush perhaps?), but it will also produce a “marshmallow fluff” consistency lather and quickly become your favourite shaving accoutrement.

Many of the K2E shaving soaps have a supplementary addition of Emu Oil carefully selected for its emollient and restorative properties.

My favourite scented shaving soap is Indo Ink which is inspired by Peter Charkalis’ time on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. The duality of Bali is present within the fragrance, both calming like the never-ending rice fields and pristine beaches but also busy and spicy like tourists and cities. With notes of Orange, Leather, Ink and Ylang Ylang it reminds me of Geo. F. Trumper’s Eucris. As we get closer to summer, the zesty top notes will put a spring in your step for the heat of the day and the smooth and spicy undertones will see you through the long balmy nights.

The English Shaving Company team’s favourite is the Choco Cubano, a very gourmand fragrance, as much sweet as it is deep and rich. With notes of chocolate, spices and cigars, it transports you somewhere dark and sultry with whiskey and dancing. A fragrance perfect for wintery days and nights, when you want to wrap up to the cold with cosy layers and warm, spicy fragrance.