12 Beard Care Tips For Christmas

If you took part in Movember this year and you’ve decided to keep rocking the facial hair through the final month of the year as well, you will need to make some amends to your usual shaving and grooming regime. If you leave your beard to grow out naturally without taking the time to care for it properly, it can become itchy, unsightly and unhygienic. To help your facial hair look its best through the festive period and beyond, we’ve put together our 12 beard care tips for Christmas. Incorporate these expert recommendations into your daily grooming regime and enjoy facial hair that is healthy, smooth and free of irritation throughout the festive period and beyond.


Our 12 Beard Care Tips for Christmas


1 - Create your beard care schedule.

Everyone has different daily commitments, and some of us may have more time than others to get ready in the morning. Depending on what kind of festive period you have planned, you may all the time in the world to spend on your beard — or you may not even have a moment to think about it. It's important just to do what works best for you each day. To save time, incorporate beard shampoo into your shower routine, and for a quick spruce up, massage in beard oil after washing to give it a healthy shine and softness. If you have more time every day, you should definitely make the most of our other beard care tips below.


2 - Brush or comb your beard.

To make your beard look its most attractive before you travel to your next Christmas market, you should get into the habit of brushing it with a beard brush or comb to get rid of any knots, kinks or curves. Your beard will become easier to style as a result. Make this a daily routine and you’ll be able to train your beard into sitting exactly how you want it. This Edwin Jagger Tortoiseshell Beard & Moustache Comb is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can keep your facial hair neat and tidy while on the go. 


3 - Trim the right way.

Using special beard trimming scissors, like these Muhle Grooming Scissors, allows you to make small adjustments to the style of your beard with ease. Scissors can be used in addition to your razor of choice to help define and shape your beard in a way that suits you. It can feel daunting if you’ve never used scissors to trim your facial hair before, but with a bit of practice and the right tools, you can create new looks to suit a range of occasions and even temperatures! As it’s getting colder outside, you may want to grow your facial hair a little longer to give your face some extra warmth.


4 - Wash your beard.

It is important to routinely wash your beard to remove bacteria and exfoliate the skin underneath. However, washing your beard too often can create a dry and wiry feel, which can feel uncomfortable and be difficult to look after. Wash two or three times a week with a dedicated beard wash to keep your beard clean and healthy and the skin underneath fresh and free from skin flakes. It is always best to use a designated beard wash, rather than generic shampoo. Geo F Trumper offers an exquisite Beard Wash fragranced with the light and invigorating aroma of West Indian Limes.


5 - Create your own style.

Whether you sport a long Viking beard or a small dandy moustache, there’s nothing quite like creating your own style. Use styling beard balm to smooth or style different areas of your beard, control flyaway strands and keep everything where it should be. Styling products such as balm work best with a slightly damp beard, but you can use heat to dry and shape it if you need to. Brighton Beard Co. offers wonderful hand-crafted beard balms that nourish, repair and tame while leaving your beard with a light shine and preventing split ends. If you’re still discovering your style and would like some inspiration, check out our other blog post on the emerging beard trends of the 2020s.


6 - Invest in a quality beard oil.

Beard oil has many great qualities and works wonders for your beard. It can help with your beard growth, ensuring it grows thicker and stronger, and makes your beard much easier to manage on a day-to-day basis. The best part is that beard oil is quick and easy to use no matter how much time you have, but of course the more time you take to work in the oil, the better the results will be. Most beard oils come in small pipette bottles, which are easy to take with you if you plan to travel this Christmas. Captain Fawcett’s has created a range of superb beard oils, each developed to have a unique and inviting aroma. These beard oils are available in different sizes but all under the 100ml allowance for airport security.


7 - Choose a quality aftershave.

First of all, it is important to understand what aftershave is as the term is often used incorrectly. Aftershave lotion is a skincare product, applied to the areas of your neck and face not covered by your beard once you have completed your shave. A good-quality aftershave, like this Proraso Sensitive Aftershave Balm 100ml, will disinfect and soothe the skin after shaving to reduce irritation and prevent blemishes. This is not to be confused with alcohol-based aftershaves, which will add a rich aroma to your freshly styled beard but offer no skincare and haircare benefits. Whether you need to nourish your skin and you just want to smell incredible, pick the right aftershave for you.


8 - Natural ingredients work wonders.

From beard shampoos and conditioners to wax and oil, you’ll usually find that natural products are kinder to your skin and facial hair. If you choose products full of chemicals or unnatural ingredients, your skin and beard might not get the nourishment they need, and can even cause outbreaks of redness and irritation. We have a designated Vegan Hair Care section on our website, which is full of the very best plant-based and natural beard care products. Alternatively, Rugged Nature offers a range of all-natural beard care products that are suitable for anyone, particularly those with very sensitive skin and intolerances to artificial fragrances and perfumes.


9 - Check the weather.

It may seem like a strange request, but when the colder weather hits, you’ll need to care for your beard and skin more than usual to prevent it from becoming dry and itchy. If the temperatures are about to plummet, take extra care to moisturise thoroughly underneath your beard and keep your beard moisturised too. If you have shorter facial hair, we recommend this incredible Muhle Stubble Balm, which provides the skin with plenty of moisture while ensuring soft, supple beard hair. Those with bushier beards will benefit more from Taylor of Old Bond Street Moustache & Beard Conditioner, which uses keratin, aloe vera and sunflower oil to keep your beard hydrated and fresh.


10 - Look after your skin.

Hidden beneath all that fuzz, it can be easy to neglect your skin. But keeping it healthy is crucial to ensuring your beard looks well-maintained. If you don’t cleanse or moisturise your face or exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells, your skin will become flakey and cause dandruff to build up in your beard (or beardruff for short); not a look that anybody wants! Use high-quality and deeply penetrating moisturisers and exfoliators to really look after your skin. Scottish Fine Soaps Vetiver & Sandalwood Pre-Shave Scrub is very versatile, effectively exfoliating the skin and preparing your hairs for shaving if you fancy trimming back the fuzz. This charismatic and masculine range is also available as a travel-sized moisturiser, allowing you to keep your hard-working skin nourished and rejuvenated wherever you are this Christmas.


11 - Keep a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping your beard healthy and clean takes a lot more than just washing, brushing and trimming. We know Christmas is a time for indulging in the type of food you wouldn’t eat every day and having a tipple or two, but a consistently unhealthy lifestyle can mean bad news for your beard. Exercise, eat and drink well and get the right amount of sleep to help your beard reach its full potential.


12 - Don’t forget the beard baubles!

Who says you can’t decorate your beard for Christmas? Use some novelty decorations and baubles to give your guests something to talk about this Christmas!

Do you have any more beard care tips in the run up to Christmas? Let us know your routine in the comments below! If you have any questions about the recommended products or best practices in this blog post, you can contact our team via phone or email.