Beard Baubles and Glitter: How to Get your Beard Christmas Ready!

  If you have a beard, you’re already at the height of style. While you probably have a few ideas about good maintenance already, there’s no time like Christmas to turn it up a notch and ensure you maintain the highest standards for your beard. Whether you’re donning the beard baubles, shaping your ‘tash to rival Santa’s, or struggling to get the glitter out of your hair on boxing day, we’ve put together a few top beard tips for Christmas.  

Christmas Beard Styles



There is no end to the shapes and styles into which you can shape your beard given enough time and patience -- and the right beard wax of course! Crazy beard styles might take a bit more time than is ideal but if you have the time and the inclination, incredible works of beard art are possible!  

Santa Claus

santa beard Christmas styleThe Santa Claus look is a full and bountiful beard, and perhaps one of the most famous beard styles of all time - real and fictional!  It’s a great one to imitate, and is all the more effective if your hair is white! This one takes time to grow, but is worth it in the end. The important thing to note with this style is managing the hair. The best Santa Claus beards are soft and tangle-free, which takes just a small amount of maintenance to achieve. While growing your beard, use a beard shampoo to clean away dirt, as well as soften the hairs. Don’t forget to comb both before and after washing. This not only removes tangles, but also encourages the hair to grow in the right direction, creating a more controlled beard. Apply a lightly fragranced beard oil, which moisturises your face and your hair, helping to prevent skin flaking under the beard. These small steps ensure that your Santa Claus look will be on point this Christmas.   (Also remember that you don’t have to put up with beard itch while growing your Christmas beard!)  

Steve Claus beard style Shaping your Shave

  We love Steve Claus’ Christmas tree beard from Sony Picture’s Arthur Christmas. Rather than a full beard like his Santa Claus forefathers, he has a sophisticated shave that leaves a christmas tree-shaped pattern on his chin. To get this style, you just need a suitable razor and a steady hand! Focus on getting a really close shave on the rest of your face and creating defined edging around your chosen design. Don’t limit yourself to a christmas tree; trimming a rounded snowman might prove easier. We would love to see your results!  


Beard Baubles

Beard baubles appeared on the market in just the last few years and gained massive traction in popularity. They clip onto the hairs in your beard, turning you into a walking, talking Christmas tree. You can get ones that jingle and even ones that light up. If subtlety isn’t your style, then make a vivid statement this Christmas. However, if you’re going to be hanging baubles from your bristles, there are a few things you should take care of first. You’ll be drawing a lot of attention to your beard, so it needs to look in tip-top condition. This can be achieved using a beard wash to get your hairs soft, smooth, and controlled, followed by a beard balm to moisturise. Combing your beard is also a must. A tangled, wiry, and uncontrolled beard is not the best canvas for your christmas bauble look!  

Beard Glitter

Beard glitter, like baubles, is also rising in popularity. The trick with this one is getting it out afterwards! Make sure you have the beard wash ready before you put the glitter into your hair, or you might struggle to get it out come morning! The great thing about beard glitter is that it comes in so many colours. You can go for a full face of festive green, or create different coloured stripes. Why not combine with the ‘shaped shave’ to create the ultimate festive statement! Again, this option is not for fans of subtlety!     Whatever your style this Christmas, ensure that you’re taking the best care of your beard and making the most of the holiday season -- be it as the family santa clause or the glittered party starter. (And if you’re still looking for the perfect Christmas gift, there’s still time to buy a shaving set or create one yourself. See our guide on what to look for in a shaving set for a few pointers…)
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