Five O’clock Shadow Goes Forward - The Shave

Picking up where we left off, you now have a face full of shaving cream, your stubble is super soft, and it’s time to get to the sharp end of business.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you need to go back and brush up on the Preparation for the art of the shave.

At this point I would also like you to ask yourself, what kind of razor do I need?

Razors and their accompanying blades are totally subject to the user. It all depends on your hair thickness; how sensitive your skin is and how many passes it can tolerate. On top of that, you have to know what your desired outcome is!

On this occasion, when we are fighting against the time travel of 5 o’clock shadow, we must focus on getting the closest shave possible.

Man shaving with a double edge razor

When you want a close shave the best double edge razor to go for is the Edwin Jagger 3ONE6. The style of this razor delivers an ultra-sharp result with fewer passes. Fewer passes mean you are more protected from nicks and scratches. Using a 3ONE6 with a Feather Blade means you are very much on to a winner. Check out the Razor Emporium’s review of the 3ONE6 to see just how close you can get.

A word of warning! If you are new to DE razors, I would perhaps avoid this combination for now. At least until you have built up some skill and confidence with a less aggressive razor anyway. If an easier to use or more accessible price is your concern, consider the Edwin Jagger DE89 Chrome Knurled Safety Razor. The design of this razor is reassuringly easy to use thanks to the grippy knurled handle and less aggressive head.

Make sure to keep your blades clean and sharp by maintaining a clean razor, allowing the razor head and blade to dry properly, and replacing your blade regularly.