How To Care For A Leather Wash Bag

A leather wash bag is a beautiful choice to transport your toiletries, washing essentials and shaving equipment. It’s high quality and long-lasting, providing that you care for it properly. Read our tips on how to care for a leather wash bag to ensure it looks fantastic for years to come. Leather washbag that needs care

Leather Wash Bags

Leather wash bags are a luxurious choice often chosen for their durability and good looks. Leather is an organic material, as opposed to being synthetic and man-made. It works really well for a wide variety of bags including wash bags but because it’s an organic material, caring for it properly can greatly increase the lifespan of the bag.   If you’re looking for a premium quality leather wash bag, check these out! chestnut leather wash bag black leather wash bag brown genuine leather wash bag    

Caring For A Leather Wash Bag

Read our top tips on caring for leather wash bags!  

1. Avoid Overfilling

Overfilling a leather bag can stretch it, alter its original shape and damage the material. It’s a good idea to get a large wash bag when you first invest in one so that it can fit everything you need without bulging. This helps to maintain its original shape.  

2. Keep it Clean

If you notice spots of dirt, splashes of shaving cream or smears of toothpaste, wipe them away with a damp cloth. Leaving product or dirt on the leather could stain it or draw out the oils and moisture that keep the leather looking good which can lead to cracking.  

Blade guard to keep blades sharp3. Protect it From Your Razor

Razors and other sharp things can damage the leather bag and its lining. Of course, you’ll still want to be able to keep your razor in the bag, so invest in a blade guard to keep the blades away from the lining of the bag. It’s also safer for you as you don’t run the risk of touching the blades when you’re rifling through your things!    

4. Air It Out

This helps to prevent unpleasant smells building up inside the bag. Because leather isn’t a breathable material, it’s helpful to empty the wash bag out and leave it open every now and again. This airs it out and helps to freshen it up.  

5. Keep Away From Direct Heat

Direct heat sources such as a radiator can dry out the leather and remove the natural oils it needs to stay in good condition. If it dries out, the leather will start to crack. It won’t look as good and won’t be as waterproof. Try to keep your wash bag away from direct heat, including sources like the direct hot air from a hair dryer.  

6. Condition

Even if you keep it clean and away from direct heat, a genuine leather wash bag will need occasional conditioning to prevent it drying out. You can use a sponge to dab some baby oil or rapeseed oil onto the leather. These options will work effectively as a conditioner, but if you prefer you could buy a specialised leather conditioner or oil which would be even more effective. You won’t need to do this often - once a year should suffice. You can also use this method to repair scratches. If a scratch doesn’t rub off with your finger, dab some oil onto it to help repair it and keep the leather protected from further damage.  

7. Dry It Off

If your leather bag gets very wet, use a towel to dry it and leave it in a warm room — but not under direct heat. This will help prevent the water staining or damaging the leather.   If you want a high quality leather washbag, you can find a great range of wash bags and travel cases at The English Shaving Company.