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The Goodfellas’ Smile Tallow N.1 Shaving Soap 100ml

The Goodfellas’ Smile Tallow N.1 Shaving Soap 100ml
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  • The Goodfellas Smile Tallow N.1 Shaving Soap

  • Handmade in Italy

  • 100ml

  • Tallow based soap

  • Consistency somewhere between shaving soap and shaving cream

  • Lathers up with ease

  • Incredibly smooth glide

  • Scent reminiscent of a flowery meadow

  • Bold branding

  • Plastic screw top tub


The Goodfellas’ Smile handcraft traditional artisan shaving products in Italy. They are known for the vast range of scents they offer, made using high quality, raw ingredients. The Goodfellas’ Smile Tallow N.1 Shaving Soap is a tallow based shaving soap with floral undertones.

The use of tallow in the formula allows for an incredibly smooth glide during shaving and leaves skin feeling hydrated and moisturised for a long time after shaving.

If it’s the use of tallow in this soap that appeals to you, you may also want to try The Goodfellas’ Smile second tallow based soap, The Goodfellas Smile Inferno Shaving Soap.

The consistency has been described as sitting somewhere between shaving soap and shaving cream, meaning it will lather up with ease.

For best results, lather up just a small amount using a moistened shaving brush. This soap can be lathered up in the bowl or directly onto the face depending on personal preference.

The scent is reminiscent of a flowery meadow. The strongest notes are ylang, verde, cassis and fico. The undertones consist of rose, jasmine, orange blossom and heliotrope. This pleasing mixture of aromas has been described as delicate and ‘bringing about a sense of serenity’.

The Goodfellas’ Smile are renowned for their bold branding, with all products displaying eye catching imagery and fonts upon their packaging. The Tallow N.1 Shaving Soap is no exception to this rule, featuring artistic imagery of a suited male alongside a devilish octopus that is sure to capture anyone’s attention, making it a striking addition to your shaving set.

The soap is packaged in a 100ml plastic tub with an easy to remove screw top lid for convenience.

Due to the fact this soap is unfiltered, the colouring may alter over time as the oleic acids crystalise. This will in no way alter the intrinsic property of the soap.


Customer Reviews

A shaving soap the Great old one would be proud of
This is a fantastic soap, granted what caught of this soap was the Lovecraftian image on the lid. That is just the start of this great shaving soap, it smells fantastic like a summer meadow with lots of violet and wild flowers but not feminine, when someone say it smells like flowers I tend to think of Prada iris it is nothing like that at all, not the normal style I’m used too I would usually go for a sandalwood sent or menthol type. The slickness of the is also great thanks to the tallow. I would wholeheartedly recommend Goodfellas smile Tallow n.1 will be buying again and other soaps from the brand.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 16/10/2020)