Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Father’s Day isn’t far away with just a few weeks until June 16th. We have loads of fantastic products that could make brilliant gifts for your dad this year with brand new ranges, premium shaving supplies and fantastic luxury grooming products. We’ve got something for every man and have selected some of the ones that we think make the best gifts…

Father's day gift guide


You could get your dad a new razor for Father’s day. A lot of men prefer to use a razor they’re already familiar with, so it might be a good idea to check what type of razor your dad uses — cartridge, safety razor or straight razor.


Although, if he’s never tried a safety razor before, it could be a fantastic way to introduce him to the world of traditional shaving. There are loads of benefits to this from getting a closer, smoother shave to the luxury feel of shaving with a safety or straight razor.


Safety Razor

Safety razors are a great choice for the environmentally and financially conscious dad as the razors last for decades and only the recyclable blade needs replacing. We have loads of safety razors available; here are just a handful of choices to inspire you:


Parker 98R


This is a fantastic safety razor, especially if your dad is new to safety razor shaving. It has a good grip and is well reviewed!

Park 98R DE Razor


Edwin Jagger Long Chrome Razor


Edwin Jagger razors are manufactured in Sheffield, UK, and this one features a slightly longer handle than the standard version. Many men prefer a long handle as it provides extra control and reach during their shave. It is perfectly balanced and gives an extremely effective shave.

Edwin Jagger DEL8914 razor for father's day


Straight Razors

If your dad is a traditionalist and loves shaving with a straight razor or wants to try it for the first time, then these razors make a great choice for a Father’s Day gift. We have plenty of fantastic options available, so feel free to explore more on the rest of our site!


Dovo Shavette Razor

Dovo is an internationally renowned manufacturer, but what makes this shavette particularly great is that it has replaceable blades. It’s ideal for a newbie who wants to try straight razor shaving without worrying about having to strop and hone the blade.

Dovo dads straight razor

Boker ⅝ Straight Razor


Boker make beautiful straight razors and this one is no exception. It would make a fantastic gift for your dad this Father’s Day. It has a extra hollow grind, which means it provides a beautifully close shave.

Boker classic razor for fathers day gift


Shaving Sets

If you want to go even further to show your dad how much you care this Father’s Day, then you could get him a whole shaving set. Whether it’s a selection of different shaving products, or a razor with a quality shaving cream, they make superb presents.


Muhle Shaving Set


Muhle make premium shaving products from shaving soaps to skincare creams. This shaving set features their aloe vera products which are lightly scented and extremely refreshing.

Muhle starter shaving gift set

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush Set


In addition to manufacturing razors in Sheffield, Edwin Jagger also make quality shaving brushes. They have a huge range available and this shaving set features a best badger shaving brush with imitation ivory handle and comes with aloe vera shaving cream. It’s a beautiful, luxury product to treat your dad with this year.

Edwin Jagger shaving gift set


If your dad isn’t a shaving man and instead prefers to sport a beard, don’t fear! We have loads of beard products that make for luxurious gifts to treat him with this Father’s Day.


Proraso Wood And Spice Beard Balm


Beard balm helps to moisturise beard hair, keeping it soft and under control. This beard balm from Proraso comes in a beautiful glass bottle and has a rich, masculine fragrance. The presentation and quality of it make it a fantastic present.

Proraso beard balm for dad


Oak Beard Brush


This is a stunning beard brush with genuine oak handle. It’s ideal for men that have fuller and thicker beards that need a little taming! The brush helps to distribute beard oil or other products through the hair, as well as neatening it up. The oak material means that it looks fantastic and feels luxurious in the hand.

Oak beard brush


Beard And Moustache Trimming Kit


To really treat your dad, why not buy him a whole beard trimming kit. It comes in a genuine leather hand stitched case and features premium grooming tools. This includes Hans Kniebes trimming scissors, a real horn comb and a horn-handled nail file.

Father's Beard trimming kit



Dads don’t always consider looking after their own skin a priority, so skincare products can be a terrific gift that will help him feel great and treat himself.


Arran Lochranza Soap


This soap has a spicy yet fresh fragrance and comes in a metal tin. This not only means it looks fantastic as a gift, but also makes it ideal for travel. Your dad can pop the soap back in the tin to stop it getting residue on other items in his washbag. Practical but luxurious!

Lochranza soap for dad


Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream


Crabtree & Evelyn are known for producing really luxurious products. All of their hand creams are fantastic. They’re light enough to soak into the skin, but smooth and creamy so they feel substantial and effective. The fragrance is not overpowering, but fresh and natural.

Hand cream

If you want more inspiration for fantastic Father’s Day presents, then explore our website. We’ve got every male grooming product you (or rather, your dad!) could want.

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