Dovo Blue Aluminium Shavette Razor

Dovo Blue Aluminium Shavette Razor
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  • Dovo Blue Aluminium Shavette Razor

  • Model 201 0140

  • Blue aluminium blade holder, black plastic handle

  • Offers a convenient cut-throat style shave

  • Great as an intro to straight razor style shaving

  • Weighs just 14g without a blade inserted

  • Total extended length approx 204mm, blade holder gap approx 65mm

  • Compatible with standard DE blades or longer shavette specific blades

  • Comes with replacement black blade holders

  • Supplied with 1 free Merkur DE blade

  • Packaged in plastic pouch suitable for travel


The Dovo Blue Aluminium Shavette Razor offers a convenient cut-throat style shave and is great as an intro to straight razor shaving. The stylish blue aluminium blade holder and black plastic handle weighs just 14g without a blade inserted making it a real lightweight shave - perfect for travel. 

Compatible with standard DE blades or longer shavette specific blades, The Dovo Blue Aluminium Shavette Razor is supplied with 1 free Merkur DE blade.

The razor has a total extended length of approximately 204mm, and a blade holder gap of approximately 65mm. Comes with replacement black blade holders and is packaged in plastic pouch suitable for travel.

Dovo Shavettes are the perfect middle ground for those looking for the straight razor experience, but who don’t have the time for the required cut throat razor maintenance. Preparation for the shave, handling and blade guidance is the same as for the straight razor, and the sharpness can be renewed quickly if necessary simply by replacing the disposable blade. No need for stropping or honing, and their lower price point makes them suitable for all wet shavers, novice or experienced.

The Dovo Shavette is often the barber’s tool of choice as it offers a professional level shave, but without any sanitation concerns that might come with a straight razor. Made from either aluminium or stainless steel, a classic double-edge razor blade will be broken in half lengthwise along the middle and installed in a plastic blade holder. This ensures each new shave is clean, fresh, and safe.

How to use:

Start by thoroughly soaking your whiskers either through a shower or by applying a wet warm washcloth. Apply your lather, preferably using a shaving brush and good quality shaving soap or cream – you will soften up your beard with massaging sweeps of the brush and allow a few moments to let them swell.

Hold the open shavette or straight razor between your thumb and three fingers in such a way that the open scales (handle) points away from the face. The scales should be at roughly a right angle with the cutting part of the razor.

Start with the unproblematic, even areas of the face. Commence by shaving with the grain, using very light pressure. Approaching at an angle of approximately 30° towards the surface of the skin, the blade should be guided in short, straight strokes across the skin. At the same time, the skin should be stretched tight with the second hand, always following the razor spine. An even scratching sound should indicate if your technique is correct.

If the angle is too flat, the razor will drag the stubble. If the angle is too steep, the razor cuts into the skin, or moves over the stubble without any shaving effect. It is important to always move the blade vertically scratching in the direction of the cutting edge. To reduce the risk of injury, never turn or pull, always shave evenly, and hold the razor a bit steeper when approaching corners, dimples and the upper lip. If necessary, give the shave a second go against the grain.

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Customer Reviews

Great razor but mine broke after 5 months
I had this razor for about 5 months before the plastic at the hinge broke. Other than that it’s been a great product. So maybe I was just in lucky?
Review by Robb / (Posted on 31/10/2020)
Excellent, cheap introduction, without compromising on quality.
My first straight razor. It's really well made, and I think a great introduction to straight razor shaving, or it would make a good travel razor as it's very light. Not flimsy, just light, but well made. I opted to buy a second "black" insert, to hold longer blades than the small shavette blades. Would recommend the trying both, but I certainly prefer the full length blades. You will need to remove the insert each shave, to properly clean behind it, but this is very easy.
Review by JarBar / (Posted on 12/02/2020)
Great if you want to try a straight razor
I've never used a straight razor and wanted to give it a try, without breaking the bank and the Dovo Shavette is ideal for that! After a few shaves i'm not sure using a straight razor is for me but now I know for sure! Without having spent possibly hundreds of pounds on a high end straight razor!

Top marks for quality, price and value especially as 2 blades are included
Review by Jack / (Posted on 08/08/2019)