Boker Classic Black 5/8 Straight Razor

Boker Classic Black 5/8 Straight Razor
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  • Boker Classic Black 5/8 Straight Razor

  • Made with 1.2210 carbon steel

  • Satin blade finish with round point shape

  • Excellent choice for an entry level straight razor

  • Extra hollow grind with ridge

  • Steel hardness rating of 59 HRC

  • 5/8" blade width

  • Moisture resistant synthetic black handles

  • Razor weight of approximately 40g

  • Item number 140207

  • Handmade in Solingen, Germany


The Boker Classic Black 5/8 Straight Razor is a classic entry level cut-throat razor made using 1.2210 carbon steel with a hardness rating of 59 HRC.

This variation of the 5/8” blade is made from carbon steel known for its excellent edge retention. The moisture resistant black synthetic scales are a signature of this popular model. The classic overall appearance is completed by a 5/8" round point blade, satin finish, and an extra hollow grind with a ridge.

Handmade in Solingen Germany, the Boker Classic Black 5/8 Straight Razor weighs approximately 40g and comes in a Boker presentation box. An classic, high-quality, entry level safety razor. Supplied in historic packaging with certificate of authenticity.

The Boker Classic range underscores the wide variety of quality straight razors produced by the Boker factory. These entry level models bridge the gap between affordable pricing and very high quality standards which are certainly not compromised here. The result is a superior quality straight razor with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Care Instructions 

Following a few cleaning and care tips will ensure you enjoy your classic straight razor for a long time.


After every use, carefully rinse the straight razor under running warm water, clean with a damp cloth if necessary, them immediately dry with a dry cloth. Letting shaving foam or soap rest on a blade for too long can lead to the formation of stains and in extreme cases to corrosion. In order to prevent cuts, please always wipe the straight razor from the spine towards the cutting edge. In order to protect it from corrosion, oil the blade with an acid-free and viscous oil.

Sharpening & Stropping:

The sharpness of a straight razor is maintained by regular stropping on a high-quality hanging or mounted strop. This requires a bit of practice but can be learned quickly. The perfectly balanced ratio of the thick back end of the blade to the whisper-thin edge ensures that you automatically get the right angle on the edge when the thick back touches the leather strop.

First, touch the back to the leather and then carefully lower the cutting edge to touch the strop. Pull the straight razor with gentle pressure across the full length of the strop in the direction of the back (i.e. away from the edge). While doing this, move the razor slightly diagonally across the strop, ensuring both the back and edge remain in constant contact with it. It is important to flip the razor over its back when you reach the end of the strop – do not flip the straight razor edge side down as this would partially round or blunt the cutting edge.

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