What is Dry Shaving?

The English Shaving Company are experts in shaving of all varieties including traditional wet shaving and the more recent dry shaving. We have a guide on wet vs dry shaving, but what is dry shaving? Read our guide to discover all about dry shaving, how to do it and the tips to make it as comfortable and effective as possible.

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Dry Shaving

Dry shaving is a method of shaving that doesn’t use shaving soap, cream, water, or any other form of lubrication. Dry shaving most commonly requires an electric razor and is known for being a faster way to shave than traditional wet shaving.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Shaving


What are the Benefits of Dry Shaving?

The key thing many men love about dry shaving is the speed at which you can shave. While wet shaving takes time due to the preparation required, dry shaving is fast. It’s perfect for men that need to get up and get going in the mornings.

It can also be done anywhere -- as long as you have your shaver with you. Because you don’t need any gel, creams, or water you can slip your razor into your bag and shave quickly wherever you are. It’s perfect for travel.

Dry shaving can mean less irritation for some. Every man will have different experiences when it comes to his skin’s reaction to shaving, but many find that electric shaving results in less irritation. This is because electric shavers cut the hairs just above the skin so the hairs don’t scratch as they grow back.

Many electric shavers are also adjustable, allowing you to select the level of facial hair you want. You can keep your stubble at optimum length and have a greater level of control over your look.


What are the Drawbacks of Dry Shaving?

Electric shavers cut the hair above the skin and while this can mean less irritation, it also means they never achieve as close and as clean a shave as traditional wet shaving.

Electric shavers do need ongoing maintenance in order to keep them clean and in good working order. While you can simply rinse out your wet shaving equipment and leave them to dry, electric shavers need proper cleaning (according to each shaver’s own manual).


Electric Shavers

Dry shaving requires an electric shaver (sometimes known as an electric razor). There are a host of different electric shavers available from brands including Braun and Andis -- both of which we stock at The English Shaving Company.

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Dry Shaving Tips

Razor blades are abrasive which is what allows them to effectively remove hair, but it also means they damage your skin. While electric razor blades are held back from actually touching your skin by a foil, for some men they can still cause irritation due to the lack of lubricant and softening agent, such as shaving soap or cream. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t dry shave. There are various tips you can follow to protect your skin and ensure your shave is still effective.

(If dry shaving continually causes irritation, we would recommend you consider swapping to wet shaving!)


Clean your Face

If your face is free from oil and dirt, it helps your razor to perform at its best. Use a cleanser designed for your face to keep your skin from drying out.


Make Sure It’s Dry

Electric shavers are designed to work with dry hair so make sure that your face is completely dry before shaving. You can get electric shaving lotions that are intended to stiffen the hairs and make it easier for the shaver to do its job.


Clean your Shaver

Ensure there are no hairs in the razor blades before you shave. It’s usually best to clean the shaver straight after using it, but give it a check beforehand to make sure it’s completely clean.


Keep Your Skin Taut

With your spare hand, hold the skin taut. This allows more hairs to be caught by the razor blades and to be cut closer to your skin, making your shave more effective.


Start with more Sensitive Areas

Start with areas such as your neck where the skin is more sensitive and more likely to react to the shave. Your razor is at its coolest at the beginning of your shave and will therefore give you a smoother shave on the areas than need it most.

If you do notice your shaver feeling hot against your skin, turn it off and let it cool. You’ll get a better shave when it isn’t hot.


What is Dry Shaving?

If after reading our guide you have more questions about dry shaving, let us know in the comments. Want more? Read our blog on date prep tips so you look as good as possible and feel confident before any special occasion!

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