Date Prep Tips For Men

February 14th is just around the corner so The English Shaving Company have put together some top tips for date preparation. Whether you’ve plucked up the courage to ask him out for the first time or you’ve been with your wife for years, putting in a little extra effort this Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your date that you care (and it can help you feel more confident too!). Man's date prep

Dressing Right

There’s a big difference between prepping for a cinema trip and getting ready for a swanky restaurant, so the first thing you need to do is assess the vibe. It’s essential you get the right tone; feeling over or underdressed can knock your confidence. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing casual, you can still ensure your hair, beard and clothes are all on point. Putting in a bit of effort really shows your date you care about them!  


It should probably go without saying, but make sure you start with a shower. There’s nothing worse than being on a date and feeling grimey -- especially if your date might notice!  

Jagger Beard oil for Black FridayBeard

Whether you’re bearded or clean shaven, make sure your facial hair is under control and looking great. It goes a long way towards your overall look. (You can read loads of shaving tips on our blog, including 'what is dry shaving?'. We've covered everything from tackling shaving rash to looking after a straight razor.) If you’ve got a beard, wash it using specially formulated beard wash and not normal soap or shampoo which would dry out your hair and skin. Use electric beard trimmers to tidy it up, and comb through some beard oil to moisturise and soften the hairs. It’ll make that end-of-the-evening kiss (if you’re lucky!) much nicer for your date. (Read about how your beard can make you more attractive in our blog on beard psychology!) If you’re clean shaven, shave on the day of your date. A double edge safety razor is a fantastic way to get a close shave, but it’s a good idea not to make any major changes to your routine on date night. Use the razor that works best for you and that you’re used to; you don’t want to have a shaving rash or any nicks, and there’s plenty of time to try new shaving methods another time.  


If you’re not sure exactly how formal you should go for a cinema trip or casual meal, find a smart-casual outfit that would work for a range of different tones. A smart shirt with jeans could work well. You want to show you’ve put in a bit of effort without going overboard. If you’re going somewhere fancy, on the other hand, make sure you dress appropriately. Being underdressed can make you feel uncomfortable and knock your confidence -- and it might make your date feel uncomfortable too! Clothes for a posh date  


If you’re clean shaven, a touch of aftershave is not only good for your skin, but helps you to smell great too. Our sense of smell works really powerfully in the subconscious as it’s the only sense that has direct connection to the brain. If you smell great, your date could find you a lot more attractive without even realising it. If you’re using an aftershave splash, use it sparingly to prevent the fragrance being too strong. If you’re a bearded man, you can use cologne. Sandalwood, bergamot or citrus are all great choices.  

Extra Checks

Being prepped for a date is not just about the way you look; it’s also vital you plan ahead.  

Check In

Before you book a table at that all-you-can-eat meat buffet, it’s best to check dietary requirements. There’s nothing worse than taking your date to a lovely restaurant only to realise she can’t eat anything there. If you set up the date a little while ago and haven’t mentioned it since, send a quick text a few days before to confirm everything’s still on. It’ll give you both a bit of peace of mind especially if you’re an early bird; it makes the wait before your date turns up a little less nerve-wracking when you know they haven’t forgotten!  

The Weather

Have you checked the weather forecast? Forgetting an umbrella could be detrimental if you’re going to be walking anywhere. With this in mind, it’s worth thinking about how you’re getting to your arranged location. If you’re travelling with your date, it’s important that you plan for rainy circumstances to avoid any problems. Similarly, if you’re meeting there, you don’t want to be stuck waiting for a bus and not make it on time. Plan ahead to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.  

Man texting before a dateYour Wallet

Check you’ve got cash in your wallet in case it’s needed (you don’t want to have to stop at a cashpoint if you can help it) and your ID.  

Phone Charge

Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave. You don’t want to be trying to find the restaurant without access to Maps, need to call an Uber, or even contact your date and not be able to. However, when you’re on your date, put your phone on silent and out of sight. You date deserves (and will expect!) your full attention.  


Our final tip is to smile! People are always more attractive when they’re smiling, so make sure you greet your date with a smile. It will also help you to feel more confident and relaxed, which are the key factors in any successful date. If you’ve got some pre-date nerves, spend an hour or so doing something you enjoy and will take your mind off the evening to come. Perhaps play a video game, watch some TV or read a book. Relaxing will help you to feel more at ease and be yourself during the date.