Shaving Abroad: Can You Take Safety Razors on a Plane?

Packing your bags and heading somewhere hot is the perfect way to escape from everyday life and put things on pause for a while. However, there are some aspects of our daily routines that we simply cannot escape from, and shaving is one of them. To keep up your grooming routine while abroad, it’s important to understand if you are allowed to take safety razors in hand luggage or on a plane at all. Fortunately, the answer is yes, but it’s important to know how to travel with your grooming accessories safely and responsibly to avoid the embarrassment of setting off alarms at security. With many countries now starting to welcome tourists back post-pandemic, Brits are returning to foreign destinations in full force. In preparation for this, The English Shaving Company has provided a low-down on how to pack your safety razors and other grooming accessories correctly to ensure a seamless and stress-free journey.

Are safety razors allowed on planes?

If you’re proud of the perfected grooming routine you’ve developed over the years and have found a double-edge safety razor that works perfectly for your skin, you don’t want to let this slide while on holiday. If anything, your holiday is a time to feel your best and take the time to give your skin the TLC it deserves. Because of this, you don’t want to be forced to leave your trusty safety razor at home and settle for a travel-size or disposable option that simply cannot achieve the same results.  The restrictions on which items we can and cannot travel with may seem like a nuisance, but they are ultimately there to keep you safe so it’s worth doing your research beforehand.

Luckily, most airport security agencies are happy for travellers to take a safety razor in their hand luggage or suitcase - just as long as you remove the blade. Sharp objects can sometimes cause a problem and although they may be permitted if they are wrapped appropriately, it’s simply not worth the risk of having your trusty safety razor confiscated or disposed of by airport staff.

To ensure you steer clear of any extra security checks and don’t have to face the embarrassment of having your bag searched, it's best to pack your safety razor and double-edge blades into your hold luggage. This way, there’s no risk of setting off the alarms and you won’t have to part ways with your razor blades at the last minute. For those travelling light with cabin baggage only, you can still take your safety razor with you — just ensure you remove the blades and buy these once you reach your destination. You should be able to pick up some double-edge razor blades either in duty-free or a local pharmacy. Of course, not every holiday destination will have an abundance of shops selling shaving products and blades, so you will need to weigh up your options and decide if you need to settle for an electric or disposable razor for the time you are away. 

Packing your safety razor

Now you understand where your safety razor and blades are and aren’t allowed, it’s useful to know how to pack your accessories to avoid any damage during the flight. According to the TSA, ‘any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors’ so make sure you don’t pack in a hurry and end up leaving your safety razor exposed among your belongings.  If you don’t already use one, a wash bag is a great way to keep all your grooming accessories in one place and you can be extra cautious by wrapping your safety razor in a cloth or using a dedicated travel case to stop it moving around in your bag. Not only does this protect you and the airport staff from the sharp object, but it stops your high-quality razor from being damaged along the way or causing any spillages from the razor piercing your other holiday essentials. 

Key grooming kit essentials for travelling:

Safety razor or alternative 

Now you’re clued up on which types of razors are allowed to be packed, you can plan accordingly. If you have a bag to be checked-in, take your usual double-edge safety razor along. If not, opt for either an electric or disposable option. Disposable razors will not allow you to achieve such a close shave, but you can keep your beard at bay and dispose of the razor before you head home, leaving one less thing to pack. If you’re taking your usual safety razor along in your suitcase, don’t forget the blades. You may be able to pick these up wherever you’re going but this involves hunting down a local pharmacy or supermarket, which leaves you with less time for soaking up the sun.

Shaving soap or cream

It’s best to buy a travel-size version of your favourite shaving cream or soap to take away with you. Travel products are lightweight and can be easily stored in hand luggage if they are 100mls or less. The reduced weight of a travel-size product may seem like a small difference but it all adds up and can allow more room for summer clothes and accessories so you can look and feel your best. Edwin Jagger offers many of its world-famous shaving products in handy 75ml tubes, including pre-shave and shaving cream

Travel shaving brush

To maintain the grooming routine of your dreams while abroad, you might like to invest in a travel version of your favourite shaving brush. A travel shaving brush may seem like a luxury, but if you want to achieve a close shave while travelling, it’s a key component in creating a creamy lather from your shaving soap, allowing you to soften your facial hair ready for shaving. 

Purchase a safety razor ready for your next trip today!

Now you know how to travel safely with your favourite double-edge safety razor, you can go through security or hop on a plane with no worries in the back of your mind about being stopped or searched.  If you have a holiday booked or know that there is an important business trip coming up where you need to look your best, you can browse our range of DE safety razors today to find the right one to fit into your travel routine. Alternatively, get in touch with the team for further advice on the best products for travelling.