Step-By-Step Men’s Daily Grooming Routine For Lockdown & Beyond

With most of us spending the majority of our time inside our homes at the moment and only coming into contact with other people at the supermarket, it’s easy to slip out of old grooming routines and stop taking good care of ourselves. Perhaps you’ve decided to grow a hefty beard, let your hair grow down to your shoulders or maybe you’ve shaved your head completely in an effort to cure some boredom?    As the pandemic has passed the peak and we approach the prospect of being allowed outdoors more often, it’s time to start picking up where you left off with your grooming routine - not just to look good but also to feel good about ourselves at a time of such uncertainty. To help you get back into the swing of things, here’s a simple male grooming routine to try and stick to in the coming weeks and months, so you can look and feel your best despite the worldwide conditions outside of our control. Dedicating a small amount of time each day to looking after your hair, beard and skin is far better than having to deal with any problems that arise due to a lack of grooming or skincare routine. 

How to keep on top of your daily grooming routine… 


The first step in making sure your grooming routine can be carried out from the comfort of your own home is to invest in the right tools. With hairdressers remaining closed for the near future at least, adding a high-quality and reputable electric razor to your grooming collection gives you the best shot at maintaining that haircut and beard style that you’ve perfected over the years. You can choose the best electric razor or a beard trimmer to suit your budget and needs, whether you need a heavy-duty blade to tame your mane or a more light-weight and affordable option for the odd touch-up. For the brave looking to attempt a fade in their own hair or beard, electric trimmers will give you the best chance at success with multiple settings and attachment options.   If you know full well that facial hair is not for you and you don’t want to grow a beard during the lockdown, opting for a complete shaving kit is your best bet. It will provide all you need to carry out a clean and smooth daily shave without irritating your skin. Shaving kits are ideal if you are unsure which combination of razor, blade and shaving brush to go for - you can rest assured that all the products work well together and guarantee a top-quality shave. 

Skin and haircare

Once you’ve got the key tools required to achieve a quality shave or hair trim from home, you need to think about the products in your daily grooming routine too. While maintaining a sharp-looking beard and fresh trim might not seem like the most pressing issue during the lockdown, your hair and skin need regular TLC to be kept in good condition if you want to avoid problems cropping up in the future.    First things first, make sure you are washing regularly. This might go without saying, but it’s surprisingly easy to let daily hygiene practices slip when we aren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone outside our household. If you’re working from home, make sure to wash your face thoroughly morning and night with a gentle but effective face wash - it will keep you refreshed and get rid of any oils or bacteria that can build up and cause blocked pores. If you’ve decided to experiment with a beard during the lockdown, you will need to invest in some beard wash and make sure to massage this thoroughly into your beard twice a day to prevent spots developing underneath your facial hair.   Moisturising is key. While our skin and hair may not be as exposed to the elements, it’s still essential to moisturise your face, body, scalp and beard twice a day. Not only will this improve the look of your skin and facial hair, but it will feel better and far more comfortable too. Forgetting to moisturise regularly can lead to tight, dry and irritated skin which can be painful and damaging to shave. If possible, try to find a moisturiser with SPF in. The sunny weather is creeping in and with people spending more time sitting in the garden, SPF is crucial to prevent sun damage and irreversible wrinkles. 

Adapt your daily grooming routine

It’s important to try and maintain some normality during lockdown by sticking to a typical male grooming routine, but there are also a number of ways to adapt your grooming slightly and give your hair and skin a break from the usual day-to-day stressors. 

Use less heat

If you tend to use heat on a daily basis to dry or style your hair or beard, lockdown is the perfect time to put this on pause and experiment with new ways to achieve the look you’re going for. Using high heats on your hair dry out your scalp and cause splits or breakages to the ends of your hair, making it look brittle and straw-like. As heat damage cannot be reversed, why not use the lockdown and social distancing periods as a time to use a lower temperature or even no heat at all? You are sure to notice a difference in the quality, look and texture of your hair or beard. 


Another aspect of your daily grooming routine to consider is shaving. While you may be used to the look of a sharp and clean shave, lockdown is the ideal opportunity to give your face a break from the shaving process. If you’re using the right shaving techniques and tools, shaving should cause little to no irritation, but it’s still worthwhile letting your skin breathe and avoiding the familiar itch that comes when your hair starts to grow back. Instead of a clean shave, opting for trimming and shaping your facial hair is another way to keep your beard, moustache, eyebrows and other facial hair at bay while using less abrasive processes on the skin. 

Complete your male grooming routine today!

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