Need-To-Know Aftershave Tips

Aftershave is an important part of your shaving routine. Believe it or not, a lot of men still apply aftershave incorrectly, don’t apply it at all, or don’t know what it’s really for. We’ve put together a blog post on all the need-to-know aftershave tips to keep you fresh and your skin feeling great. Keep reading for what you need to know about aftershave.

What Is Aftershave For?

Many people think that aftershave is only for the purpose of scent. In fact, aftershave is a key ingredient in achieving a top-quality shave. The main purposes of aftershave are to disinfect, soothe and provide a fragrance. These are the qualities you should look for when purchasing. In short, aftershave helps the skin recover after a shave. 

You can get aftershave in different forms such as a splash, lotion or balm. Many aftershaves also include fragrance and moisturising factors to help you smell fresh and keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

Aftershaves repair worn out skin after shaving. Due to the sharp blade, the process of shaving abrases the skin which can cause irritation. Aftershaves are formulated with antiseptics that kill bacteria on the skin’s surface. Many aftershaves also have an anaesthetic which helps by numbing the area while your skin is healing. They are also designed to be an all-in-one astringent which helps to close off any open skin pores. This is to prevent bacteria penetrating easily which ensures you heal from your shave quickly and effectively and minimises the risk of shaving rash.

What To Consider When Choosing

Your Skin

When it comes to deciding what aftershave to buy, it is always important to put your skin first. After all, the point of an aftershave is to help with the healing process post-shave. When choosing your aftershave you should always look for a product that has disinfectant properties that will help your skin without being too harsh. If you have sensitive skin, for example, you should opt for something specially made for sensitive skin to prevent any irritation.

Your Scent Preference

Once you’ve got your skin type down and know what to look for in your aftershave, you can think about the fragrance. Whether you prefer something woody, or are looking for a fresh scent, it’s important to pick a fragrance you love.

Four Aftershave Tips

Keep Moisturised

When you apply scented aftershave, you want to be sure that the fragrance is going to stick around for a while. Making sure that your skin is moisturised will help the scent to last longer. Before you put your aftershave on, you should apply some fragrance-free moisturiser to extend how long your scent sticks around. Alternatively, you could choose an aftershave balm which contains moisturising properties.

Boost Your Scent

If you want a fragrance that packs a punch, you can layer up with more products from the same range. Using moisturisers and shaving creams that are from the same collection as your aftershave of choice can help increase the intensity of your fragrance. Not only will this help the scent to last longer, it will also ensure that the smell is strong enough without becoming overwhelming.

Top Up

If you do feel like the fragrance starts to wear off after a while, you can always top up. Typically, you should only apply aftershave after shaving as the name suggests! However, a lot of aftershaves have an accompanying cologne of the same fragrance. When the scent wears off, if you wish to top it up, opt for a cologne from the same range to give yourself a quick freshen up.

Tap, Don’t Rub

When you’re all done shaving and ready to apply your aftershave, tap it on instead of rubbing. When you rub your aftershave you break up the particles which means it will evaporate quickly. Instead of rubbing you should adopt a tapping approach, making your aftershave last longer and preventing skin irritation. After all, there’s no point smelling great if you’re going to be uncomfortable.

Now that you know what to look for and how to use your aftershave correctly, it’s time to invest in a new one. The English Shaving Company offers a range of aftershaves for you to choose from. Read our blog about the best mens aftershave for some extra guidance!

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