Holiday Grooming Tips

With all the sunshine, chlorine swimming pools, and extra sweat, holidays can be a tough time for skin and beards. In all the excitement, it’s important you don’t forget to look after your skin and facial hair. The English Shaving Company have put together some holiday grooming tips to ensure your skin and beard stay healthy and happy throughout your trip. Man on holiday with a beard  

Holidays and Beards

If you’re off somewhere hot, you should read our guide to caring for your beard in the summer which has a load of tips and tricks that will keep your beard looking and feeling fantastic all summer long. When you’re going on holiday, however, there are some extra things you should keep in mind.  

A pair of beard scissorsTrimming

If you’re going away for a while, you’ll want to keep your beard looking its best throughout your trip - there’ll be lots of photos, after all! Beard scissors are always a good size to fit into your wash bag, allowing you to catch those stray hairs and keep your beard looking fantastic.  

Balm and Oil

A lot of factors can come together while you’re on holiday to damage your beard and dry it out. The UV rays in sunshine, for example, can dry out your beard hair. Holidays aren’t complete without a dip in the pool, but chlorine pulls moisture out of your hair too and leaves it dry and brittle. Both beard balm and oil contain moisturising oils that protect and rejuvenate your hair when it’s looking a bit run down. If you like to style and shape your beard, beard balm is perfect. It gives you some additional styling options to get that perfect holiday look while also protecting your beard. This is because it contains beeswax! Read more about beeswax or about beard balm more generally on our blog! Both balm and beard oil come in very small packaging options so they’re easy to slip into your hand luggage without weighing you down!  

Beard Wash

Beard wash for holiday Washing your beard is absolutely vital if you want to stay comfortable and itch-free while on holiday. If you’re travelling somewhere hot, you’ll inevitably sweat more than usual. Sweating beneath a beard means the grime and sweat has no way of escaping and can easily build up against your skin. This clogs your pores, irritates your skin and makes you itch! It’s important to wash your face and beard every day. It’s probably best done in the evening, allowing you to wash the day’s sweat away before bed.   Choose a proper beard shampoo to cleanse and moisturise your beard. You can find ones as small as 100ml to easily fit into your luggage.  

Shaving on Holiday

If you prefer the clean shaven look, you have to think about how best to transport your shaving gear and keep the weight down so there’s room to bring back souvenirs. However, it’s still possible to maintain that neat and tidy look while you’re away.  

Shaving Sets

Buying a shaving set could be a great way to bring all your shaving gear on holiday. The advantage of shaving sets is that you have everything in one compact easy package. You don’t have to worry about remembering your razor or forgetting to put your shaving brush in; it’s all ready for you to grab and go. Travel shaving sets in particular are easy to pack and transport.  

Blade guard for travelProtection for your Razor

If you decide to bring your normal razor, it’s a good idea to buy a case or guard. These do a double job: protecting your blades from taking a battering and becoming dull, while also protecting you and your luggage from getting caught by the exposed blades. If you’re on a budget you can get a simple cap for your razor. On the other hand, if you want to invest in something a bit nicer, or you’re a frequent traveller, a leather razor case is a beautiful and practical way to care for your razor while on your travels.      


When you’re on holiday, you want to be able to dress up and go out. An aftershave splash is the perfect accompaniment to a smart outfit. It’s an easy way to look and smell like you’ve made some effort without a lengthy grooming routine! Choose a 100ml aftershave to keep the weight down in your luggage.  

Looking after Your Skin on Holiday

With all the extra sunshine, it’s important to protect and care for your skin.  


Suncream is the obvious one, and the most important item in caring for your skin on holiday. Sunburn isn’t just painful, but it can also cause lasting damage be it dryness, wrinkles, dehydration, or damage to your DNA which could lead to cancer. A tan is nice, but keeping your skin healthy is much better!  

Lip Balm

You might remember to put suncream on your skin, but it’s easy to forget your lips. Find a lip balm that provides UV protection. It’ll keep your skin healthy and ensure you feel comfortable.  


Moisturising your skin is important when on holiday. We already mentioned how chlorine in swimming pools dries out your hair, but it does the same to skin too. Moisturising is vital to help your skin recover as quickly as possible. If you find you often get dry hands, then the heat and chlorine your skin is exposed to will aggravate the existing problem.     multi purpose balmA moisturising balm is a great choice as it comes in very small packages perfect for travelling, and is also intensely moisturising. You can even find multi-purpose balms - if you have a beard, this balm can be used to style and moisturise your hair. If you’re clean shaven, it acts as a fantastic post-shave balm and can also be used as a simple skin moisturiser. It’s the perfect way to save space in your packing!   Do you have any tips for looking after your skin or beard on holiday? We would love to hear them!      
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