Dry Beard

Having a dry beard is a common problem that can affect you at any time. It causes itchiness and discomfort, ultimately leading many men to ditch the beard altogether. However, don’t give up on your beard because it’s dry and itchy; we at The English Shaving Company have some simple steps to revive your facial hair, making it soft and comfortable again.

dry beard

What do we mean by a dry beard?

When we talk about a dry beard, we’re referring to the texture of the hair itself. Hair needs to contain moisture in order to stay healthy, strong, and soft, but it’s easy for it to dry out. Air conditioning, artificial heating, a change in your diet, or simply a genetic predisposition for dry hair can make your hair brittle. When this happens, your beard feels much more coarse to the touch, snaps easily, and can lead to itchiness.  

The Beard Itch

There are many different reasons your beard could be itchy, but having a dry beard is one of the most common.  

A New Beard

If your beard is new then it’s normal for it to be a bit itchy - this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dry. In the first few weeks of growing a beard, the hairs are short and the sharp ends come into contact with your skin. As they begin to grow, the hairs curl over, forming little arches. This means the end of the hair scratches and tickles your skin, causing itchiness. This is normal when you start growing a beard and should subside after a couple of weeks. If you’re just starting out, read our top tips on how to grow a beard.  

A Grown-In Beard

If you’ve been growing your beard for a few weeks and it’s still itchy, it’s likely that dry and brittle hair is causing the itchiness. When you have a dry beard, the hair feels coarse when it rubs against your skin, causing irritation. Reviving your dry beard will fix the horrible beard itch. If you suspect it might be something else, we’ve got a whole article about itchy beards - you might find your problem and solution there!  

How to Fix a Dry Beard

To fix a dry beard, you need to return moisture to the hair. There are a number of ways you can do this. It’s important to use each of these solutions as an ongoing part of your beard and hygiene routine to ensure they work effectively and your dry beard doesn’t return.  

Beard oil

Beard oil is one of the best ways that you can moisturise your hair and protect it from drying out in the future. Beard oils have many different fragrances and are made from a variety of ingredients. It’s important when you’re looking for a beard oil to ensure it contains natural ingredients. There are lower quality beard oils available that can be harmful to your hair and skin, especially when used for an extended period of time. Beard oil from The English Shaving Company is guaranteed to be safe for daily use. We only sell the best products so your beard feels fantastic and you feel worry-free! You can apply beard oil at any time of day, but it’s often most effective just before you go to bed as it then has time to do its work.  

Beard Balm

Beard balm works in a similar way to beard oil, containing a lot of the same essential and moisturising oils that will help you beat the dry beard. Beard balm also contains additional ingredients, often beeswax and natural butter (usually shea butter). This allows beard balm to also act as a styling agent. It’s not the same as moustache wax, which contains a higher ratio of wax to oils, because the main purpose of a beard balm is to moisturise and condition your hair. If you’re unsure whether to use beard balm or beard oil, it will depend on how you want to style your beard. If you’re happy with its natural shape, then beard oil is the better choice. If you do want to add more style or shape, then opt for a beard balm.  

Shampoo and Conditioner

Edwin Jagger Conditioning Beard & Moustache Wash 200ml Pump Bottle

Washing is a vital part of caring for your beard and skin, but when you do so, you should ensure you use a proper beard shampoo or soap. This is advised because ordinary soap can dry out both your facial hair and skin underneath. Even ordinary shampoo could dry out your beard as beard hair is a different variety of hair to that on your head. It’s known as androgenic (hair that grows due to hormones) and is therefore different in texture and appearance. To prevent a dry beard, use a specialist beard shampoo. Regular shampoo is more aggressive and can strip the beard of its natural oils.   It’s also a good idea to follow your wash with a beard conditioner, especially if you already suffer from a dry beard. It’s an extra helping of moisture and protection which makes your beard feel soft and minimises tangles.  

Dry Beard

In summary, to tackle a dry beard:

  • Wash with a beard shampoo, not ordinary soap
  • Follow with a beard conditioner
  • Use beard oil at night to lock in moisture and prevent drying
  • Choose beard balm over wax when styling

  If you follow out top tips, your dry beard will be soft and itch-free in no time!   Do you have any recommendations of the best beard balm or oil products? Let us know in the comments...

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