Product Spotlight: Andis Slimline Pro

The Andis Slimline Pro is a leading beard trimmer that gives you high control and produces a professional finish. It’s brilliant for handling beard trimming including fading and trimming around your neckline. You can perfect your look without all the fuss. We’ve chosen this for our product spotlight because it gives one of the best results out of all of our electric beard trimmers and is fantastic for quick touch ups, even on the move.

Andis Slimline Pro

Andis Slimline Pro


The English Shaving Company have recently expanded our range of shaving and beard products to include electric shavers and trimmers, including products from Braun and Andis. The Slimline Pro is a beard trimmer without a cord which gives it power and control without the hassle of wires or needing to be plugged in. (Find it here!)


Some of its key features include:

  • Ergonomic hair trimmer
  • Comfort edge T-blade
  • Quick charge time
  • Four attachment combs


The shape of the trimmer, the blades and the electric motor design all work together to make shaving and trimming comfortable, simple and effective.




The Andis Slimline Pro has been developed to work for a variety of beard lengths. It can be used at home to perfect the look of your beard with four attachments to cater for different lengths.


The contoured shape of the trimmers is designed to be friendly to your hands, and the motor’s specialised engineering keeps it cool and quiet to ensure the trimmers provide the very best results every time.


It has a quick charging time of 2 hours 15 mins and can run for up to 2 hours with each charge due to its specially developed lithium battery.


Comfort EdgeT-Blade


The T-blade on the Slimline Pro is carefully designed to be extremely close cutting with a zero-gapped option or to work for other beard lengths with its four adjustable comb attachments. This gives you the highest levels of control over your look. It also comes with blade oil and brush so you can keep the blades working well without having to invest in any extras!


Lightweight & Cool


The Andis Slimline Pro is a cordless trimmer with its power supplied from the lithium ion battery. The quality of the battery means it can run for longer periods and recharge quickly, helping to run the motor at full speed without overheating.


The heat of your electric shaver or beard trimmer is extremely important in getting a high quality dry shave. If the shaver heats up as it works, then it can reduce the effectiveness of the shave and irritate the skin.


The Slimline Pro therefore is one of the top beard trimmers available.


Andis are known not just for their high quality products, but also for designing and manufacturing lightweight shavers and beard trimmers. The Slimline Pro is no exception. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver, giving you complete control.

andis shaving



Andis is a world-leader in electric hair products and is one of the oldest electric shaver manufacturers and designers in America -- founded in the 1920s. They now supply their products in over 90 countries across the world and are popular with professional barbers and domestic shavers alike!


The English Shaving Company stock Andis products due to their unbeatable high quality and reliability. Buy the Andis Slimline Pro today.

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