Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday 31st of March. It can be really hard to find gifts for your mum, so here at The English Shaving Company we’ve pulled together some of our favourite present ideas so you can show your appreciation for your mum, grandma, aunt and any other important women in your life.

Chocolate and flowers are okay, but can be a bit cliché. A more unique present, something she’ll really use, can be a fantastic way to show you’ve put a bit more thought and effort in -- something your mum will always appreciate.


Purple Double edge safety razor from Edwin JaggerA Safety Razor

This is the most unique and unusual of all the gift ideas on our list! Safety razors do make fantastic presents though. They not only feel luxurious to use, but are also really environmentally friendly. We have a collection of lady’s razors available in our Edwin Jagger range, but any safety razor with a longer handle is great for women.

It might be a good idea to talk to your mum about this gift before surprising her with it on Mother’s Day as you don’t want to cause any unintended offense!


Luxury Soap

At first glance, soap might seem a little boring, but a luxury soap can be a fantastic gift. It’s a very practical present, so perfect for mums who say they don’t want anything and still luxurious enough to be a bit special.

These are some of our favourite luxury soaps to treat your mum this Mother’s Day.
Manuka honey soap for mum

Klar almond soap for mothers day

Sheepsmilk soap

Bamboo Bathroom Set

Bamboo material is really soft and therefore incredibly luxurious to use. Again, it’s the best combination of practical and luxurious. You’ll know she’ll use these items and that they’ll definitely be appreciated.

Bamboo head towel wrap for mothers day gift

bamboo loofah sponge

Bamboo wash cloth



Natural Bathing Set

There are loads of natural products that you could treat your mum to this Mother’s Day, but the Natural Sea Sponge company have a great collection. Their brand is known for high quality, luxurious products and they make great presents.

pumice stone Sea sponge

Hand Cream

Everyone appreciates hand cream, especially when it looks, feels and smells luxurious. Hand cream that’s a little nicer than she might usually buy for herself makes a fantastic gift.

These hand creams from Crabtree and Evelyn are fantastic choices. They provide high intensity moisture and a wonderful fragrance that will help you mum feel spoilt every time she uses it!

Citron hand cream present

Hand cream for mothers day gift

pomegranate hand cream gift






Your mum is worth celebrating, so show her she’s special this Mother’s Day with a premium gift from The English Shaving Company. While flowers are nice, something she can use and enjoy repeatedly is even better!

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