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Natural Sea Sponge Company Pumice Stone

Natural Sea Sponge Company Pumice Stone
Product Code: NUSC

  • Pumice Stone on a ribbon

  • Hard wearing, natural pumice stone

  • Ideal texture for exfoliation

  • Smooth away hard, dry skin and callus from feet

  • 8.5 x 4 x 2cms

  • Strong ribbon to hang the item.

A tough and hard wearing pumice from Hydrea London that will not lose its shape or effectiveness over time. The pumice is the ideal texture to smooth away hard, dry and dead skin and remove calluses for deliciously smooth and soft feet.

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Natural Sea Sponge Company Pumice Stone

Pumice is a type of volcanic rock, produced when lava with a very high content of water and gases is ejected from a volcano during a certain kind of eruption in which gases are spewed high in the atmosphere. As the gas bubbles escape from the lava, it becomes frothy. When this lava cools and hardens, the result is a very light rock material filled with tiny bubbles of gas. Pumice is the only rock that floats on water. Its naturally abrasive qualities are perfect for exfoliation of hard skin areas like the feet. Volcanic pumice is easy-to-clean and bacteria and mould resistant because of its volcanic nature.

How to use: Ideally use in the bath or simply soak your feet in a bowl of warm soap water for a few minutes, wash them well with soap and gently rub the pumice stone over rough and thickened parts of your feet to remove the dead, hard and dry skin. Wash the feet again with soap and warm water. DO not rub too hard and assess the skin removal regularly so as not to remove too much at one time.
We recommend you rinse the Pumice Stone with warm water after each use.

Customer Reviews

Great find at long last!!! NATURAL is always best!! ❤️
Even though it is STILL EARLY DAYS for me to tell if this type of volcanic rock is good for my skin condition, (desquamation/peeling of skin, only happens in the bath no other time ?!). I do think this type of pumice is 'just right' regarding size and that it's completely all NATURAL ROCK which I consider before I purchased the most IMPORTANT thing as FAKE rocks destroy my skin and irritate the dermis too. Therefore this product overall as a 'god send' really as I've been sea hing for such a NATURAL PUMICE FIR AGES!! So THANK YOU!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Review by Benedicta Valentina / (Posted on 20/06/2018)