Marvis Toothpaste

You may have noticed, The English Shaving Company now sell toothpaste and toothbrushes! Find out about Marvis toothpastes, what makes them different, and why we think you should give them a go!


Marvis is a contemporary brand from Italy who create fantastic toothpaste and toothbrushes which have made waves in personal care and fashion circles. So what makes Marvis different from your average supermarket toothpaste?

Marvis is a ‘heritage toothpaste’ which first came onto the market in the 1950s. The idea of a heritage toothpaste does sound a little strange. When it comes to dental hygiene, you want the best for your teeth, not simply a fashion product - but Marvis deliver top quality dental hygiene alongside a striking visual style.


Marvis offer unusual tasting toothpaste! This is one of the primary ways Marvis toothpaste is a bit more special than the supermarket alternative.

ginger mint toothpasteGinger Mint

While all their toothpastes have that minty freshness you expect, Marvis combine this with unusual and interesting flavours. Their ginger mint toothpaste is a great flavour combination! The ginger perfectly compliments the tingly mint to provide a wonderful fresh feeling that’s somehow both hot and cold, with a delicate spicy effect.

Cinnamon mint marvis toothpasteCinnamon Mint

Cinnamon mint is another combination you might not expect to find in standard toothpaste, but it works wonderfully. Cinnamon has a natural tingle that works with the mint to help you feel fresh - while also tasting a little like Christmas! It’s a warmer, sweeter flavour than normal mint.

Aquatic mint toothpaste from MarvisAquatic Mint

If you’re unsure about trying out one of the more unusual flavours, Marvis also do an Aquatic Mint version - a cool and classic taste for those that appreciate tried and tested flavours.


Marvis was first introduced in the 1950s in Italy, but really took off in the ‘70s. They display their heritage proudly through their packaging with bold lettering and simple colours. The plastic tubes have a smart matte finish, giving them the appearance of aluminium. The colourful lids feature an engraving of the traditional Marvis logo, creating an attractive vintage effect.

The bold lettering, clean design and flavour-dependant colours create a beautiful toothpaste packaging. You can understand why it’s so popular in male fashion circles.


Marvis Toothpaste doesn’t compromise on hygiene. Not only do the toothpastes come in fantastic flavours and packaging, they are top-quality fluoride toothpastes that remove plaque and help keep your teeth clean and white.

Marvis Toothpaste

Marvis came from a long heritage of superb dental care in Italy and is now under the same ownership as Proraso - who provide excellent shaving products. Have you tried Marvis toothpaste? We would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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