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There are a huge number of Parker safety razor options, but it’s the Parker 92R DE Razor under our spotlight today. This is a high quality razor that provides a close result and a smooth shaving experience. Parker safety razor 92R  

Parker 92R DE Razor

The 92R is one of many Parker double edge safety razors. They have a range of high quality razors each with different specifications and features. These include open comb, closed comb, chrome plated, and graphite razors among many other varieties. There’s a Parker safety razor for everyone, but the 92R in particular is a fantastic and popular choice. Some of the key features include:
  • Butterfly Mechanism
  • Suitable for people both new and experienced with safety razors
  • Heavy weight for enhanced balance
  • Durable solid brass frame
  • Fits all standard DE blades
The Parker 92R is one of the heaviest Parker safety razors - in fact, it’s one of the heaviest of all the safety razors we have at The English Shaving Company. At 97 grams, its weight provides a better overall balance for the razor. When using a safety razor, rather than pulling the blades over your skin, you let the weight of the razor do the work. The weight of the razor naturally guides the blades over your facial contours. The extra weight with the 92R gives you more control and allows the Parker safety razor to work very effectively, helping to produce a close and clean shave.  

Butterfly Head

The butterfly mechanism on the head of the razor makes it easy to change the razor blades. It’s less fiddly than other mechanisms and minimises the risk to your safety when changing blades.  

New & Experienced Shavers

The Parker safety razor is perfect for people new to shaving with a DE razor and those who are already a dab hand at it. The weight of the razor makes it easier to get a closer shave than with lighter razors. It’s also a closed comb razor, meaning it’s less likely to cause nicks and cuts than an open comb.  

Safety Razors

If you want more information about safety razors, read our guide to choosing the best safety razor. Safety razors are used in wet shaving as a more traditional way of achieving a close shave than cartridge razors or electric. We’re big fans of safety razors as not only do they produce a great smooth finish, they also feel luxurious to use and add a ritualistic element to the shaving experience. They can save you money - a single double edge safety razor can last for many years and replacement blades are inexpensive - and are also a fantastic way to minimise your environmental impact while shaving. However, it’s important for every person to choose the razor they feel most comfortable using.  

About Parker

Parker is a specialist razor manufacturer. It was established in 1973 and Parker Safety Razors are now popular around the world. A family-owned business, it focuses on producing high quality products with genuine brass frames. The English Shaving Company stock Parker razors as they’re a tried and tested way to get a fantastic and affordable shave.  

Complimentary to the Parker DE Razor:

If you’ve already got a Parker safety razor, or are considering buying one for yourself or as a gift, why not take a look at some products that compliment the razor?

Parker Leather Case

This leather case is made by Parker to fit their safety razors. It’s made from genuine leather and has a felted interior to protect your razor. It’s great for keeping your razor safe at home, but is particularly perfect for travelling. Parker leather case

Razor Blades

There are a huge range of razor blades available to fit the Parker safety razor. We are particular fans of the Astra Platinum blades. Astra safety razor blades

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