Why Choose Traditional Shaving? (What it is and the benefits)

We at The English Shaving Company are big fans of traditional shaving. These traditional methods often produce the closest, smoothest and most comfortable shave. Traditional shaving doesn’t just impact the result of your shave, but also feels fantastic and luxurious. Plus, you also get to help the environment (and your wallet!) along the way.

What is Traditional Shaving?

Traditional shaving is a method of shaving that avoids electric or disposable razors and is instead based upon centuries of shaving tradition. It is most commonly associated with double edge safety razors (although other razors can be used), as well as shaving brushes and either shaving creams or shaving soaps. It also includes a post-shave routine, such as applying aftershave (the lotion, not the nice-smelling spray). Traditional shaving allows you to become a shaving aficionado, finding the best products and tools to perfect every shave.  

DE Razors

Double edge safety razors are one of the most common types of razors associated with traditional shaving, and for good reason. DE razors as we know them have been around for over a century and have earned their reputation for delivering high-quality results. They cut extremely close to the base of your hairs producing a very smooth shave, without the steep learning curve and unforgiving nature of straight razors. Find out more about safety razors by reading our guide on 'what is wet shaving?' 

Straight Razors

Straight razors are even more traditional than DE safety razors and are the kind you’ll come across most often at a professional barber shop (or in pirate movies!). You can even learn how to use a straight razor at home to enjoy the most traditional form of shaving. They can be difficult to perfect, but produce excellent results when used correctly. The Bluebeard’s Revenge offers an exceptional entry-level Cut Throat Razor that is compatible with standard DE safety blades and requires no regular sharpening.

Shaving Soap

Traditional shaving soap comes as a hard bar that you work into a lather using a high-quality shaving brush and shaving bowl. It has better moisturising qualities, lubrication and gives a more luxurious feel during your shave. Protecting the skin and assisting the razor as it glides across your face to reduce post-shave irritation and redness, traditional shaving soap is a much more premium product than 21st century shaving foams and gels you get from a can.   

Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes come in different varieties and are an essential component to any traditional wet shave. They not only help to produce a rich lather with your shaving soap, but also go a long way towards creating the closest possible shave, lifting the hairs away from the skin to make it easier for the razor to catch them. They also act as a gentle exfoliator for your skin.

Benefits of Traditional Shaving

Traditional shaving has a rich history that has been perfected over hundreds of years. When you opt for this method of shaving, you’ll notice a number of benefits…  

Shaving Benefits

Traditional shaving uses more premium tools than some contemporary methods and requires slightly more time to perfect each shave, but with noticeably improved results. That being said, with a little practice, you will be able to carry out a traditional shave in a similar time to a modern quick shave with disposable products. The razors used in traditional shaving are better designed than disposables to get as close as possible to the base of the hairs, not only giving you maximum control over every stroke in your shave, but also giving maximum results. The process of a traditional shave can even become an enjoyable part of your morning or evening routine as you experiment with different shaving creams and soaps and can transform a once boring chore into a cherished daily ritual.  

Environmental Benefits

Double edge safety razors cut back on plastic use and waste, minimising your carbon footprint and the environmental impact of your shave. Traditional shaving soaps also reduce waste as they come in refillable packs, often with recyclable packaging. Traditional shaving is the best way to create a smooth look or to sculpt your facial hair. It provides not just the best results, but also a luxurious experience every time you shave. How long have you been using traditional shaving methods and would you ever go back?

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