Spotlight On: European Brands

One of the things we’re most proud of here at The English Shaving Company is just how diverse our collection of shaving, styling and grooming products is. We may have the word English in our name, but our selection is far more international. From Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, we stock some of the finest brands and products from Europe and we want to celebrate that fact.

Not least because the English Shaving Company is now part of the IOSS scheme, making it much cheaper and easier for our European customers to receive their orders from the UK. If you’re in the EU and place an order under €150.00, you won’t have to pay any customs duty, additional VAT or surprise fees. The price you see on the website is all you have to pay, how great is that!

To celebrate, we’ve decided to look at some of our best-selling brands and products from Europe so you too can enjoy the incredible selection that the continent has to offer. Whether you’re looking to trim back unruly stubble, create a new skincare routine or expand your collection of colognes, we have the perfect range for you — wherever you are in the world.


France: Martin de Candre

Let’s begin our tour of Europe by hopping over the Channel and discovering the secrets of the Loire valley. France has a rich history of soapmaking with the highly skilled Marseille process dating back over 600 years. While the traditional soap-making skills have almost disappeared in the modern world, the local knowledge is still being preserved by artisan soap makers, Martin de Candre.

Merging modern trends with soapmaking heritage, Martin de Candre offers exceptional shaving soaps in six different fresh fragrances, such as Rose, Citrus and Fougere. The incredibly luxurious texture and abundance of the lather show exactly why the Marseilles process is so highly regarded the world over. Known as the Rolls Royce of shaving soaps, the rich lather provides the perfect base to protect your skin, soften your beard and help your razor glide flawlessly across your face.

Although Martin de Candre shaving soaps are some of the most expensive shaving soaps we stock, customers are always blown away by how many shaves you get out of a single tub. In fact, with how rarely you’ll need to order a new tub, many find it works out cheaper in the long run, so you’re actually paying less for a superior shave.

The unscented Le Nature shaving soap is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it is free from artificial fragrances that can irritate your face. As is tradition, all of the soaps are made using vegetable oil, making the entire collection suitable for vegan shavers as well.

For a shave with a certain je ne sais quoi, you can’t go wrong with Martin de Candre.


Germany: Muhle

Next door we have the home of precision engineering and quality manufacturing — and Muhle certainly lives up to that German reputation. Setting the benchmark for shaving quality for over 70 years, Muhle offers everything you could possibly need for an incredibly smooth and close shave but is best-known for its state-of-the-art razors.

Muhle is one of the few brands to manufacture open comb safety razors. Designed for more experienced wet shavers, this type of razor has a more exposed blade, allowing for a vigorous, very direct shaving technique that’s ideal for cutting denser hair.

Always made with expert craftsmanship and consummate design, Muhle also offers exemplary Mach3® razors, unisex razors and double edge safety razors to suit every beard type.

As well as Mach3® razors and double edge safety razors, Muhle has also recently released a line of unisex razors for shaving all types of body hair. The innovative design of these Companion razors offers greater protection, feeling gentle on the skin while still providing a vigorous shave. The Companion razors are available in the following colours; turquoise, blue, coral and stone.

Muhle is also incredibly popular with our vegan customers thanks to its revolutionary Organic range. Made with essential oils and plant-based butters, you can kit out your entire bathroom with eco-friendly shaving cream, body lotion, shampoo, aftershave balm and more.

Lastly, Muhle even caters for those who prefer to rock stylish facial hair rather than chop it all off. A recent addition to our Muhle collection, the sophisticated beard oil, beard shampoo and stubble balm use the very best of nature to keep every beard looking healthy and full.

As you can see, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to shaving with Muhle — what will you try first?


Italy: Saponificio Varesino

Just like France, Italy also has a proud history of artisan soapmaking. Hailing from Lake Maggiore in the very north of the country, Saponificio Varesino is famous for combining traditional methods with modern manufacturing techniques to create world-class shaving soaps, bath soaps and aftershave lotions.

These exquisite soaps have all been triple milled, making them particularly long lasting while producing a creamy and more luxurious lather. This traditional process also creates purer, more uniform soaps with fewer impurities.

Bringing tradition into the 21st century, Saponificio Varesino is a very modern brand, using only sustainable and all-natural ingredients wherever possible. The company is also committed to preventing deforestation and refuses to use any palm oil in its shaving products.

The best-selling range is undoubtedly the aromatic Settantesimo range, released to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Saponificio Varesino. A modern reinterpretation of the well-known Cologne scent, this strong and creative aroma combines classic citrus and refreshing aquatic notes, supported by a green aromatic floral heart set on a base of precious woods and amber. The rich and balanced aroma is available as a bath soap, a shaving soap and an aftershave lotion, giving you the chance to build your entire shaving regime around this legendary fragrance.

From Dolomiti to Morado, every soap in this extensive collection has a unique and sophisticated fragrance, providing something for every taste and preference.

To get a taste of that dolce vita, upgrade your shave with Saponificio Varesino.


Portugal: Musgo Real

Our European partners don’t just make exceptional shaving soaps, they’re also leading the world in shaving creams, and none more so than Portugal’s Musgo Real. With a history spanning over 100 years, Musgo has undergone several redesigns over the decades but has never lost sight of its commitment to shaving excellence.

The Musgo Real range is instantly recognisable by the vibrant-coloured tubes with a retro feel and modern masculine twist. With five classic fragrances to choose from, the range appeals to the young man about town and the more mature gentleman alike.

Freshly squeezed from the tube, Musgo Real shaving creams are ultra-creamy, producing a rich and smooth lather from only a small amount. Designed to leave the skin feeling soothed and replenished, every shaving cream is enriched with lanolin and natural oils to soften facial hair, allowing for a smoother and enjoyable shave.

With five distinct fragrances to choose from, there’s something for every type of shaver. Red is spiced citrus, a blend of exotic aromas of spices with citric notes to create a stimulating fragrance with a lasting effect of exotic warmth. Yellow is orange amber, a bright, fresh scent packed with summer light and sweet citrus notes, all grounded by an earthy base of musk and warm amber. Brown is oak moss, combining aromatic notes of coriander with a profound woody core and understated layers of spices and hay to create a fragrance that is equal parts invigorating, equal parts comforting. Green is the classic shaving cream, combining citrus notes with the earthiness of patchouli leaf to create an unmistakably masculine musk with just a hint of lavender and violet. Lastly, the Black shaving cream is a special edition, expertly fashioned to be dark and woody, contrasting a seductive blend of ganache and spice with zesty notes of citrus.

Musgo Real transforms every shaving ritual into a luxurious shaving experience.


Spain: Hierbas de Mallorca

We end our European tour on the beautiful Balearic Islands with this zesty and invigorating range from Hierbas de Mallorca. Bringing the beauty of the Spanish Mediterranean to every bathroom, this collection evokes sensations of clean and fresh mornings characteristic of Mallorca.

Although we have only been stocking this range for a short time, the Hierbas de Mallorca Eau de Cologne has already become one of our best-selling fragrances, proving incredibly popular as the summer heats up. Made with natural extracts of bergamot, lemon and orange peel, sage, lavender, camomile, coriander, nard and jasmine, this fresh citrus aroma is perfect for warm evenings dining al fresco.

But Hierbas de Mallorca isn’t just for the men to enjoy, our female customers can’t get enough of the warm and vibrant shower collection infused with the signature Hierbas de Mallorca fragrance.

The shower gel is revitalising for the mind, body and soul, helping you start the day with a spring in your step. When paired together, the shampoo and conditioner revitalise your hair, nourishing it with natural essential oils. Providing extra vitality and brilliance, this shower combo leaves even the most rebellious hair looking and feeling silky smooth. The perfect final step is treating your skin to the Hierbas de Mallorca body lotion, which keeps freshly washed skin clean and hydrated all day long with a gorgeous lingering aroma.

If all this talk of Spanish sun has got you in the holiday mood, you’re in luck — Hierbas de Mallorca offers a complete travel set, perfect for a summer abroad. The handy zip bag contains travel-sized versions of the shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, helping you breeze through airport security for a stress-free start to your holiday.

Caring for your skin has never been so enticing.