Brand Spotlight: Edwin Jagger

The English Shaving Company stock the highest quality shaving equipment and beard supplies from all the leading brands so we can guarantee excellence. One of our favourite brands is Edwin Jagger. A Sheffield manufacturer of shaving products including safety razors, brushes, soaps and beard oils, Edwin Jagger is a fantastic brand to choose for your shaving equipment. Edwin Jagger logo Edwin Jagger is a family business that began life in 1988, manufacturing double edge safety razors. The company’s founder, Neil Jagger, developed his first razor based on what he personally wanted, enabling him to create something unique that delivered exactly what he and other men needed. To this day, Edwin Jagger razors are not only functional and effective, but are beautiful to hold, look at and use.  

What Makes Edwin Jagger Different?

We have a huge number of brands to choose from at The English Shaving Company, so why do we recommend Edwin Jagger so highly?  

Sheffield Heritage

Edwin Jagger are one of the few British manufacturers of safety razors, as well as other shaving and beard products. It means British design, engineering, and manufacturing has gone into the razors and the environmental footprint for all our Edwin Jagger products remains low for our UK customers. They don’t need to be shipped from across the world before arriving in your bathroom! Not only are Edwin Jagger products designed in the UK, but they also come from a Sheffield heritage of fine, artisan craftsmanship. Sheffield is well known as the home of steel and silver works and for centuries manufactured the finest cutlery and silver in the country. This historical knowledge went into the very first Edwin Jagger products and is a key part of the way they design and manufacture their shaving equipment today.  

Artisan Craftsmanship

Even today, Edwin Jagger remain a Sheffield company. They still hand-polish their razors and have a team of artisan craftsmen trained in manufacturing the finest razors and shaving brushes. They reflect the long history of Sheffield artisan craft.  

Edwin Jagger Products

Edwin Jagger design all their products in-house and now manufacture safety razors, cartridge razors and shaving brushes as well as shaving creams, aftershaves, beard oils and other shaving accessories. Double edge EJ razor Edwin Jagger's best shaving soap Aloe Vera   Edwin Jagger products ensure shaving is not a chore, but a pleasure. They produce razors and brushes that look good in your bathroom, make you feel confident and help you to enjoy your shave.   Do you use Edwin Jagger? Let us know what your favourite products are in the comments.