Brand Spotlight: Taylor Of Old Bond Street

Discover more about Taylor Of Old Bond Street in our brand spotlight! It is one of many fantastic brands on offer here at The English Shaving Company, producing high quality shaving products including shaving creams, aftershave and even beard conditioner. Read more below or explore Taylor Of Old Bond Street products.

Taylor of Old Bond Street  

About Taylor Of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street were established in 1854 and have operated from the centre of London for over 150 years. They’re a British brand who have earned their popularity and renown through the high quality products they have been producing since they started. Jeremiah Taylor opened a salon on - you’ve guessed it - Bond Street in London and quickly gained a reputation for the quality of his botanical extracts. The products he used in his salon became more and more popular and today Taylor Of Old Bond Street is a well-known brand found on bathroom shelves around the world. The quality of their botanical extracts is what earned Taylor Of Old Bond Street their popularity over 150 years ago and today they still aim to include natural ingredients in their products wherever possible. Their range of shaving creams and aftershaves seek to make the most of the skincare properties and fragrance of natural ingredients. They’re a quintessentially British brand located in the heart of London and are still a family-run business. Taylor Of Old Bond Street can be relied upon to produce premium, high-quality products.  

Our Taylor Of Old Bond Street Recommendations

Taylor Of Old Bond Street produce a range of different products which are all fantastic. We’ve pulled out some of our top choices for you, but we’d recommend exploring the full range and trying a few different products to discover your own favourite!  

Shaving Creams

Platinum Collection Shaving Cream 

One of the most luxurious of the Taylor Of Old Bond Street collection, the Platinum Collection shaving cream has a woody and lightly spiced fragrance that includes bergamot, sandalwood and sweet benzoin to make your shave even more enjoyable. It moisturises your skin while you shave for a smooth finish. It can be applied with your fingers but produces the best results when used with a shaving brush. Taylor Platinum Shaving Cream

For Sensitive Skin

This shaving cream is part of Taylor’s Jermyn Street Collection -- named after their barber salon that still exists in London today. It’s perfect for those with sensitive skin as it’s formulated using patchouli oil to be allergen free. Old Bond Street sensitive skin shaving cream  


Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion

This is a splash-on aftershave lotion that’s formulated to disinfect skin after shaving, as well as soothe and hydrate. It has a wonderful sandalwood fragrance to leave you refreshed, clean and smelling fantastic! Sandalwood aftershave from Taylor Old Bond Street  

Jermyn Street Aftershave

An alcohol-free aftershave that’s ideal for people with sensitive skin. Despite being alcohol-free, it still disinfects the skin to reduce the risk of shaving rash and it has a beautiful light fragrance. It comes in a spray bottle to make it easy to apply a small amount and pairs perfectly with the Jermyn Street shaving cream. Jermyn street aftershave   Explore more of the Taylor Of Old Bond Street collection or explore our full range of shaving and grooming products.