Best Premium Straight Razors

A few months ago we discussed our top 5 straight razors for beginners and selected some of the best straight razors for those just starting out with this form of shaving. We also wanted to create a guide for the men who are already confident with straight razor shaving and want to take the experience to the next level. Read on to discover some of the best premium straight razors and bring luxury to your shaving routine.  

3 Best Straight Razors

We have loads of straight razors available on our website, all of which are fantastic, but these are a selection of some of our favourites which provide an excellent shave and feel luxurious to use.  

Thiers Issard ‘Spartacus’ Straight Razor

Thiers Issard is a French manufacturer of cutlery and steel who hand-manufacture all their razors. The process has barely changed since the company was set up in the late 19th century. This is a 7/8” blade made from 100% carbon steel, with a mirror polish on one side and a satin polish on the other for a stunning effect. It combines beauty with practicality: anti-slip knurling on the tang, a singing hollow blade and perfectly shaped ebony wood handle that feels comfortable and secure in the hand. Spartacus singing hollow razor  

Boker Pearl Tang 6/8 Razor

Boker is another long established razor manufacturer who prize tradition and use the very best of their heritage and history to create beautiful razors. The design of this 6/8” blade razor is inspired from their 1906 cataogue in which many straight razors were offered with a pearl scale tang. This involves fixing two thin scales of mother of pearl to the tapered tang and levelling to create a seamless and elegant joint. It creates an incredibly smooth finish on the tang that feels warm to the touch. It also looks stunning, drawing on the historical look and finish of early 20th century straight razors. While the thin and beautiful tang is what most clearly sets this razor apart from the crowd, it isn’t the only reason it’s on our list. The blade itself comes sharp and ready to use (the thin layer of protecting oil needs removing), and has an extra hollow blade stabilised with a ridge for an extremely close shave. Weighing 50g, the weight helps to balance the razor and give you complete control. Boker pearl straight razor  

Dovo Inox 5/8 Straight Razor

This razor has a different look to the two above as it is made entirely from stainless steel for elegance combined with a contemporary aesthetic. Dovo are German manufacturers who have been creating razors since 1906, showcasing amazing attention to detail and craftsmanship on all their products. The razor displays the Solingen coat of arms on the blade representing the city where Dovo is based and exemplifying their pride in the heritage and history that goes into their razors. The 5/8” blade has a 1/1 full hollow grind, making it extremely thin which results in a beautifully close shave. The round point nose also gives more control in areas of the face that require more intricate handling such as above the top lip and close to the ears. You can be confident of secure control and a close, smooth finish. Dovo inox straight razor  

Best Premium Shavettes

Shavettes offer the feel and luxury of straight razor shaving, but without the hassle of honing or stropping the blade. These are a couple of our best shavettes, but there are plenty more to explore on our website!  

Feather Artist Club DX

Feather is a razor and razor blade manufacturer from Japan who craft world leading razor products. This stunning razor is one of the best shavettes on the market, designed to provide the finesse, control and quality finish of a traditional straight razor. The handle is made from a tough, synthetically engineered resin material that can withstand high heat and provides a comfortable and easy-to-control grip. The durability of this material means the razor will last for decades. Feather are internationally renowned for their high quality blades. Made from composite alloy metal, the blade in this shavette is held securely by a spring mechanism making it easy and safe to remove the blade when you need to change it. Best feather artist DX shavette  

Feather Artist Club SS

The Artist Club SS is a lighter razor than the DX, so it will depend on your personal preference as to which will work best for you. If you have finer hair or a thinner beard, this razor might be the better choice. While the DX is a better all-rounder, the bevelled edge on this SS model will make shaving sensitive skin more comfortable as it will create less friction which causes irritation. Feather artist SS   Why not explore more of our straight razors and shavettes? We have a massive range so you can find the perfect one for your shave.
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