A Close Shave: How to Get a Smooth Shave like James Bond

The UK release of No Time to Die has reignited the nation’s obsession with James Bond. Everybody wants to know the cars he drives and the suits he wears, but how does he achieve his close shave?

As Daniel Craig finishes his James Bond era, we’ve revisited his unforgettable shaving scene from Skyfall, for tips on how fans can shave like 007. 

Shaving Tips

In the sultry clip, Bond applies shaving cream to his stubbled face with a shaving brush before Naomie Harris’ Moneypenny arrives and completes the shave with a straight-edge razor.

In the scene, Bond appears to have come out of the shower before shaving, which will have helped him achieve a smooth shave by softening his skin, loosening his facial hair and opening his pores.

If you don’t have time to shower before each shave, wash your face and massage it with a towel instead, to achieve a similar effect.

While Roger Moore’s Bond opted for a safety razor in Live and Let Die, Daniel Craig’s Bond prefers using a straight-cut razor.

In the Skyfall scene, Moneypenny glides the razor in a downwards direction on Bond’s face before shaving upwards on his neck, to achieve a close shave.

To prevent cuts and jagged shaves, hold a cut-throat razor at a 30-degree angle. Shave downwards from the sideburn on one side of the face with short and steady strokes and rinse the blade in between each pass.

Shaving downwards will allow you to apply pressure evenly across your face. You may need to go over it a second time but against the grain, as facial hair can grow in different directions. However, ensure you re-lubricate the skin in between.

Ultimate Bond fans can go the extra mile by using the Floris No.89 fragrance, which was favoured by Ian Fleming, the author of the original spy novels, who also mentioned the brand in several of the books.

Shaving Products

To get a smooth shave like James Bond, or treat a loved one to a suave grooming collection for Christmas, here are five essential products:

  1. The Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Collection Alcohol-Free Aftershave
    A James Bond prop display at the Omega Boutique in London revealed a Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving kit was used for Skyfall, including this aftershave bottle.
  2. Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Wooden Shaving Bowl and Soap
    It’s believed that 007 uses this Geo. F. Trumper wooden shaving bowl and soap in the Skyfall scene, a possible nod to the James Bond novels, in which Ian Fleming mentions the brand. 
  3. Edwin Jagger Super Badger shaving brush
    This Edwin Jagger shaving brush is similar to the product featured in the film, with soft super badger hair and a sleek black handle, perfect for wet shaving.
  4. Dovo Master's Straight Razor Ebony 6/8
    Both Moneypenny and Bond are seen using a Dovo Solingen straight razor in the clip.
  5. Floris No.89 fragrance
    The Floris No.89 fragrance was favoured by the James Bond novelist Ian Fleming who often mentioned them in the classic books.