7 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Shaving

With rising inflation and soaring energy prices, many of us are feeling the pinch this year and have started to look for ways to save a bit more money. Shaving can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out our money-saving tips from The English Shaving Company so you can keep enjoying an exceptionally close and comfortable shave without breaking the bank.


1 - Use Safety Razors, Not Cartridge Razors

Many of us see the cheap price tags attached to packs of disposable razors and think this is the simplest and least expensive way to stay on top of facial or body hair. However, these disposable plastic razors are only intended to be used three of four times before the blades start to dull; use it more often than that and you’re asking for a mediocre shave. With how quickly you need to buy new ones, these ‘cheap’ razors actually become quite expensive.

Parker 71R DE Safety Razor (Closed Comb)

Designed for years of continuous use, double edge safety razors are much more cost-effective. Rather than throw away the entire razor once the blades dull, you keep using the same safety razor over and over again and only replace the actual blade to ensure a consistently smooth shave. Not only does this save you money but it’s also better for the environment as it massively cuts down on unnecessary plastic waste. We stock a range of luxury double edge safety razors, but we also offer excellent models from reputable brands for as low as £20, such as this Parker 71R closed comb safety razor. If you plan to shave several times a week, it pays for itself in no time.


2 - Bulk-Buy Your Blades

For the best shaving results, we recommend replacing your double edge blade after every four or five shaves, depending on the thickness of your hair and how frequently you shave. The blades themselves are fairly inexpensive but the cost can start to rack up if you shave every day. Fortunately, The English Shaving Company offers bulk-buy deals on all our most popular razor blades, reducing the individual price of a pack if you buy more packs in one go. If you have a brand you love and know you’ll keep using these blades, this is a great money-saving trick for you.

Feather New Hi-Stainless DE Razor Blades (10 Pack)

If you’re looking for a blade recommendation, we recommend Feather Hi-Stainless blades for the closest and smoothest shave, although this may be too aggressive for less experienced wet shavers. Wilkinson Sword is a more moderately priced and less fierce alternative than still offers a quality shave, while Derby is our most budget-friendly brand of razor blades for anyone who wants to save even more.


3 - Switch to Synthetic Brushes

Nom Marten Coral Shaving Brush (Black Synthetic)

From a more luxurious lather to effective exfoliation, there are many benefits of using a shaving brush in your wet shave. Whether you’re looking for your first ever brush or an upgrade to your old one, we would absolutely recommend getting a synthetic brush over one filled with badger hair. Not only is the initial upfront cost cheaper but artificial fibres last much longer than animal hair, making these brushes a much more worthwhile investment. With proper care, such as storing it in a shaving brush stand, a synthetic brush will remain in top condition for years and years. While people are sometimes sceptical of new animal-free alternatives, synthetic brushes from Nom and Edwin Jagger offer a luxurious lathering sensation that rivals the performance of Silver Tip badger, massaging your face and lifting your hair ready for the perfect shave. Add on the fact that these brushes are cruelty-free and it’s a no brainer.


4 - Get More Soap for Your Money

Cans of shaving foam may be cheap but they’re not always fit for purpose, with harsh chemicals and poor texture doing more damage than good to your skin. This may sound counterintuitive but it’s sometimes worth buying a more expensive shaving soap if it’s known to be particularly long-lasting and good for your complexion. If you plan to shave every day, you’ll want to look for a more concentrated shaving soap that will last you for months.

Martin de Candre 'Le Nature' Shaving Soap (Unscented) 200g

Martin de Candre is a luxury soap that’s famed for being particularly long-lasting. If you’re willing to pay more initially, this is an excellent investment. However, if this is out of your price range, you may want to try Musgo Real shaving cream. While triple-milled shaving soaps are typically better value for money than shaving creams, Musgo Real has been specially formulated to generate a great lather from only a small amount. But don’t just take our word for it: as Paul from Portsmouth says in a customer review, “I find using the same amount as you might put on a toothbrush, I can get sufficient lather for four passes.”


5 - Go Big on Your Favourites

Geo F Trumper Limes Cologne Plastic Bottle 200ml

Geo F Trumper may be a luxury brand but they do offer many money-saving options for those who are willing to spend a little more initially. Famed around the world for exceptional cushion, glide and fragrance, Trumper’s shaving creams are available as 75g tubes and 200g tubs. While slightly more expensive, you get much more for your money if you get a large 200g tub (especially as it’s easier to get every last drop out of a tub). The same philosophy applies to Trumper’s world-famous colognes and skin food: the 200ml bottles last twice as long as the 100ml bottles but are only marginally more expensive. The key to enjoying the finer things in life isn’t spending more, it’s spending wisely.


6 - Grab a Deal in Our Sale Room

The English Shaving Company wants to do more than just offer you some money-saving tips and tricks. To help our customers enjoy an exceptional shave whatever their budget, we have opened a 24/7/365 sale room on our website. It’s open around the clock and is regularly updated with new and exclusive offers on a host of shaving essentials, including razors, brushes and shaving sets. If you’re not looking for any specific brand but still want a quality shaving product at a discount price, then this is the place for you.


7 - Stay Informed with Our Newsletter

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