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The Muhle R41 is an open comb safety razor that provides an effective way to shave with just one pass. Read more about it below or buy the Muhle R41 today from The English Shaving Company.  

The Razor ProfileMuhle R41

Manufacturer: Muhle Model: R41 Comb: Open Material: Chrome Price: £32.50 Key Takeaways:
  • Suitable for more experienced shavers
  • A more aggressive shave means less passes are necessary
  • A highly effective safety razor

About Muhle

Muhle are German manufacturers of a range of shaving tools and products, from razors and brushes through to organic moisturisers. Muhle has been manufacturing leading shaving products since 1945 and prioritise quality, which shows in the razors they produce. Muhle is also committed to sustainability and emphasises their desire to achieve affinity with nature in all they do. Their shaving creams, moisturisers and soaps are all organic, vegan-friendly and seek to make the most of natural ingredients. Muhle’s experience and dedication to excellence really shows in the quality of razor that they produce -- and the R41 is no exception.  


The R41 is one of many of Muhle’s high quality safety razors. Unlike many of the others, it has an open comb that provides one of the most vigorous shaving experiences, resulting in an extremely close shave.  

Open Comb

Open comb describes a razor that doesn’t have the same safety bar that’s present on a closed comb. The safety bar controls how much of the blade is exposed to the skin, meaning that open comb razors are more direct and therefore usually more aggressive. The R41’s open comb design means it produces a close shave and is ideal for men with very thick or dense hair, rapid stubble growth or those who like to grow out stubble between shaves. However, this design does mean it’s less suitable for those new to wet shaving with a safety razor as it’s easier to nick or cut yourself.  

Chrome Design

The chrome material means the razor is rust-resistant and will stand the test of time -- it also looks fantastic! However, we would always recommend keeping your razor somewhere dry to ensure the blade doesn’t dull too quickly.  

Tips for Shaving with the R41

The R41 is a fantastic razor that produces extremely close results. If you want to get the most out of it, try following these tips:
  • Use a shaving brush with shaving soap to lift the hair away from the skin before shaving.
  • Shave with the grain. This single pass is usually enough, but a second pass across the grain might also be required occasionally.
  • Keep skin pulled tight and taut throughout your shave to prevent nicks.
  • Never put any pressure on the razor when shaving, but let its own weight pull it along your skin.

Customer Reviews

Read reviews from real The English Shaving Company customers who have tried and tested the Muhle R41...   ‘Bought this as an experiment in shaving minimalism, an attempt to get the maximum result for the minimum of effort. Success! A single pass with no clean up gives me as good a shave as I need.’ - David ‘Been wanting a replacement for my old Gilette type open comb for a while. Decided on this since it got good reviews and also is an open comb type. Not disappointed - it shaves great!’ - Stefan ‘Excellent razor. Not quite the aggressive monster that people make it out to be but gives a very very close shave. This is a perfect razor once you get behind the technique. I love this razor and won’t be looking anywhere else in my shaving journey.’ - Matt   If you’re looking for an open comb razor, check out the Muhle R41 or browse our full range of safety razors.