Should I Be Using A Shaving Brush?

Shaving brushes make the task of shaving your facial hair much easier, and as they’ve been around a while, it’s clear that they are a popular tool in the wet shaving market. If you have a professional cut throat shave once in a while, you will more than likely see shaving brushes being used, or if you’re serious about beard grooming, then you might already have one!

However, if you’re new to shaving brushes you are probably asking yourself the question, “Should I really be using a shaving brush?” The answer completely depends on your personal preferences and what you want to get out of your shave.

using a shaving brush

A lot of men like convenience, and squeezing out a dollop of shaving foam or lathering up soap with your hands and rubbing it onto your face is the quickest and easiest way to shave. However, using a shaving brush has its benefits. Our shaving brushes, like our cruelty free synthetic shaving brushes, make a close wet shave much more effective. They create a much thicker lather, which is very important if you’re prone to skin irritation from using a razor. 

Why use a shaving brush?

There are so many reasons why a shaving brush can be much kinder and gentler to your skin:

Creates a thick lather.

Shaving brushes are the perfect tool for a wet shave. Using a shaving brush to create a thick and effective lather is easy, but it’s important to give yourself enough time to experience the full effect. Wet shaving after a bath or shower is best, as you are softening the skin and opening up your pores, reducing the risk of irritation.

Prevents irritation.

The thicker the lather created by your shaving brush, the less likely you are to suffer from any post shaving irritation. Correctly prepping your face and using the right tools will make the experience a pleasant one instead of leaving you with minor facial injuries!


As well as building up an effective lather, the right shaving brush can act as an exfoliator too. The bristles from your brush can gently lift away any flakes of dead skin. As a result, your shave will be much smoother as anything between your face and the razor blade will be swiftly removed.

Gets hairs ready for shaving.

The repetitive motion of your shaving brush on your face will also lift up the hairs, getting them ready to be shaved off. From using a shaving brush with your lather, your beard hairs will be moved to the best angle for the razor. This will ensure that you’ll get a close shave, every time. 

Creates an effective emollient.

When you’ve created a thick lather, your shaving brush doesn’t just stop there in terms of usefulness. A great feature of your shaving brush bristles is that they absorb a good amount of water. When this water is mixed in with your shaving foam or shaving soap, it creates an effective emollient. This helps soften even the toughest beard hairs and makes them much easier to shave. 

So...should I be using a shaving brush?

We definitely think so! The benefits of using a shaving brush to work up that lather are more than worth the extra effort. If you’re looking for a better, more comfortable shave, a shaving brush can help to work up a thick and luxurious lather and prevent skin irritation and the tugging of hairs. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a new shaving brush, take a look at our extensive range, including our most recent synthetic shaving brushes. Any questions? Get in touch with The English Shaving Company - we’d be happy to give any help and advice about any of our products. 

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