University Essentials 2019: Skin & Hair Guide

Congratulations! You’re heading off to university. You’ll have loads to be getting ready from reading up on your course topics to sorting out accommodation. In all the busyness, don’t forget to stock up on your personal care essentials so your skin and hair will look great throughout the term ahead! Read The English Shaving Company’s guide on the best products to take to university with you in 2019 or explore our university checklist from last year!


University checklist


Skin Care Essentials

Looking after your skin is important to stay looking fresh, stave off spots and feel great. Take a browse through our skincare essentials and recommended products, or you can explore even more on our website.



Aftershave cares for your skin after shaving by disinfecting it to minimise shaving rash and spots. Depending on the aftershave, it can also moisturise to help skin recover from the abrasive effects of shaving.


Myrsol Emulsion Lotion

This is one of our favourites as it’s multi-purpose (works both pre and post shave) and not only disinfects the skin, but also moisturises really effectively. It’s a solid choice and, for the quality it offers, not too expensive.

myrsol emulsion aftershave for university


Abbate Y La Mantia Isacco Aftershave

If you’re looking to treat yourself, this aftershave from Abbate Y La Mantia is a brilliant product. It’s a premium aftershave and it looks it too. In a beautiful anti-UV bottle, it has a rich and warm fragrance of apple and fig that stays with you all day.

abbate y la mantia aftershave


Face wash

You should wash your face every day to get rid of impurities, dead skin cells and oils that could block your pores and cause spots.

This facewash from Scottish Fine Soaps comes in a handy tin (so you can easily take it on trips to visit your friends at other universities) and leaves skin feeling clean and supple. Not only that, but it’s both a face and beard wash to make your skin and beard care routine really easy.

Scottish Fine Soaps face wash



Depending on your skin type, a moisturiser can be really important to keep your skin healthy. It helps prevent dryness and flaking skin cells which not only don’t look great, but can also clog up your pores and cause breakouts.


The Bluebeards Revenge Moisturiser

This moisturiser is light, but effective. If you have dry skin, use it to replace the natural oils that your skin needs to stay hydrated. It has a cooling effect that means it feels light and refreshing on your skin.

swagger jacks shampoo and body wash

Mr Bear Family Cream

This moisturiser is a bit more expensive, but the quality is fantastic. It has a fresh, zesty fragrance that doesn’t just moisturise but also has astringent properties, which helps your skin to stay supple -- you’ll be thankful for this when you’re older!

mr bear face cream for sensitive skin


Why not also treat yourself to a facemask? It might not sound like a very masculine activity, but it’s a brilliant way to care for your skin and take some time out from university stress. If you’re feeling tired from pulling an all-nighter to get an essay done, this facemask from Clubman Pinaud is a great way to freshen up.

Face mask for university


Hair And Beard Essentials

Once you’ve got your skin covered, you can think about making sure your hair and beard look on point while you’re at university.

Styling gel

We love Morgan’s styling pomade which comes in a quality retro-style jar. It has an extra firm hold so you can tackle any stressful day while looking on point (although they do also have a medium hold option!). It’s water soluble and washes out easily, perfect for nights out or everyday style.

Morgan's styling pomade for university


D R Harris Shampoo Bar

A shampoo bar is a brilliant alternative to bottled shampoo that’s much better for the environment -- as it doesn’t have any plastic packaging. This shampoo bar from D R Harris comes in a handy tin. This not only helps for travel, but it also protects the bar from too much exposure to water that will gradually shrink it.

Shampoo bar

Swagger & Jacks 2 in 1

For those who can’t be bothered with a bathroom filled with products, Swagger & Jacks have a combined shampoo and body wash that leaves both hair and skin feeling clean and soft. It’s paraben free and isn’t tested on animals either.

swagger jacks shampoo and body wash

Beard Shampoo

The Brighton Beard Company Shampoo Bar

Again, a shampoo bar is a great choice to be more environmentally friendly and it works a charm. This bar from The Brighton Beard Company softens your beard hair to leave it feeling clean without drying out your skin underneath.

beard shampoo bar with aloe vera

Hairgum Origines Hair and Beard Shampoo

This is a brilliant all in one product that doesn’t just clean your hair and beard, but also strengthens the hair to make it softer, shinier and less prone to damage. It contains aloe vera which helps to hydrate your scalp and the skin under your beard. It also contains Polyglyceryl-3 and PCA esters that protect your hair from sun damage and the effects of overwashing (like colour change and dullness).

Hairgum hair and beard shampoo for students


Beard oil

Beard oil helps to keep both your hair and skin underneath hydrated. It’s one of the best ways you can keep your beard hair soft. This oil from Proraso is one of our (many!) favourites. It has a spicy, woody fragrance and is specially formulated to make it ideal for thicker beards (but nonetheless works well for beards still in progress!).

Proraso beard oil for university


If you’re heading off to uni, make sure you have all the essentials to look and feel on top form this new term! You can explore even more products on our website.

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